The Constitution of Europe : Essays on the Ends and Means of European Integration

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The Constitution of Europe : Essays on the Ends and Means of European Integration

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Full Description

Joseph Weiler presents essays written during the 1990s on issues related to European constitutional law. In a series of highly accessible discussions concerning the legal framework of the European Communities and the European Union, Professor Weiler describes the gradual strengthening of transnational European institutions at the expense of national legislators. Although individuals as legal consumers have been empowered by Community law, he writes, this has been at the expense of their rights as citizens. The Constitution of Europe thus provides from a legal perspective a balanced and authoritative critique of the attractions and demerits of the goal of European integration.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            viii
Acknowledgments xiv
List of abbreviations xvi
Introduction: ``We will do, and hearken'' 3 (7)
The transformation of Europe 10 (92)
Introduction 10 (6)
1958 to the middle of the 1970s: the 16 (23)
foundational period: towards a theory of
1973 to the middle of the 1980s: mutation 39 (24)
of jurisdiction and competences
1992 and beyond 63 (23)
Beyond 1992: two visions of the promised 86 (10)
land: the ideology, ethos, and political
culture of European integration
The transformation of Europe: an afterword 96 (6)
Fundamental rights and fundamental 102 (28)
boundaries: on the conflict of standards and
values in the protection of human rights in
the European legal space
Introduction 102 (5)
Human rights in the Community legal order 107 (21)
Further reading 128 (2)
The external legal relations of non-unitary 130 (58)
actors: mixity and the federal principle
Introduction 130 (6)
Federal states and international treaties 136 (32)
Mixed agreements and the evolution of 168 (16)
Community external relations
Concluding evaluation: mixity in the light 184 (4)
of federal-state experience
The least-dangerous branch: a retrospective 188 (33)
and prospective of the European Court of
Justice in the arena of political integration
Retrospective 188 (19)
Prospective 207 (14)
Introduction: the reformation of European 221 (17)
Booting up 221 (3)
The geology of European constitutionalism 224 (6)
Reformation: manifestations and rationale 230 (4)
Further reading 234 (4)
Fin-de-siecle Europe: do the new clothes have 238 (26)
an emperor?
European democracy and its critics: polity 264 (22)
and system
Polity, peoplehood, and theory: problems of 264 (6)
The European polity: international, 270 (6)
supranational, infranational or taking
MacCormick seriously
Models of democracy 276 (10)
The autonomy of the Community legal order: 286 (38)
through the looking glass
Introduction 286 (6)
The Community legal order: constitutional 292 (6)
or international?
Judicial Kompetenz-Kompetenz 298 (19)
Redefining the Decisive Question 317 (7)
To be a European citizen: Eros and 324 (34)
Introduction 324 (1)
European citizenship: dilemmas and 325 (4)
The affective crisis of European citizenship 329 (3)
To be a European citizen: the official, 332 (4)
bread-and-circus vision
Towards the reconstruction of a European 336 (8)
Towards a reconstruction of European 344 (4)
citizenship: three views of multiple demoi
Democracy and European citizenship: the 348 (1)
second imperative
Enhancing transnational democracy 349 (7)
Further reading 356 (2)
Index 358