Nonverbal Vocal Communication : Comparative and Developmental Approaches (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)

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Nonverbal Vocal Communication : Comparative and Developmental Approaches (Studies in Emotion and Social Interaction)

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Full Description

Speech and culture most evidently differentiate people from animals. Yet, the biological precursors to verbal communication exists in animal communication and obvious links have been found between human and animal nonverbal vocal communication. In Nonverbal Vocal Communication specialists from several disciplines review the present knowledge on neural substrates of vocal communication, on primate vocal communication, and on precursors and prerequisites of human speech. Among other points, the book illustrates that animal vocal signals appear to be much more complex than mere expressions of effective states. The non-verbal communication data is complemented by comparative and developmental research of the preverbal period of human vocal communication. The book provides a forum for consideration of phylogenetic and ontogenetic continuities and precursors of verbal communication that will allow for critical interpretation of speech acquisition by a wide range of workers.

Table of Contents

Part I. Systems of Communication: Introduction
and Review U. Jurgens
1. Evolution of Vocal Communication D. Ploog
2. On the Neurobiology of Vocal Communication
U. Jurgens
3. Vocal Affect Expression as Symbol, Symptom
and Appeal K. R. Scherer
Part II. Noncategorical and Categorical Symbols
in Primate Communication: Introduction and
Review K. Bard
4. Animal Signals: Motivational, Referential,
or Both? P. Marler, Ch. Evans and M. Hauser
5. Noncategorical Vocal Communication in
Subhuman Primates: The Example of Common
Marmoset Phee Cells J. D. Newman and P.
6. Categorical Vocal Signaling in Subhuman
Primates M. J. Owren, R. M. Seyfarth and S. L.
7. Vocal Development in Nonhuman Primates D.
Symmens and M. Biben
Part III. Development of Nonverbal Vocal
Signals in Humans: Part I. From Cry to Speech
Sounds: Introduction and Review R. Eilers
8. No Language But a Cry B. M. Lester and C. Z.
9. Development of Vocal Signaling in Human
Infants: Toward a Methodology for Cross-Species
Comparisons D. K. Oller and R. E. Eilers
10. Disorders of Vocal Signaling in Children H.
Part IV. Development of Nonverbal Vocal Signals
in Humans: Part II. Interactive Support in
Preverbal Dialogues: Introduction and Review R.
11. Early Ontogeny of Reciprocal Vocal
Communication in Precanonical Parent-Infant
Interactions M. Papousek
12. Didactic Interactions: Intuitive Parental
Support of Vocal and Verbal Development in
Human Infants H. Papousek and M. Bornstein
13. Meaningful Melodies in Mothers' Speech to
Infants A. Fernald.