The Circulation (Fetus and Neonate : Physiology and Clinical Applications, Vol 1)

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The Circulation (Fetus and Neonate : Physiology and Clinical Applications, Vol 1)

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This volume is an authoritative review of the cardiovascular system in the prenatal period, from both the clinical and the scientific perspectives.

Table of Contents

1. The control of heart rate and blood pressure
in the fetus: theoretical considerations M.
2. Regional distribution of cardiac output A.
Jensen and R. Berger
3. Regulation of blood volume in utero R. Brace
4. Local and endocrine factors in the control
of the circulation C. E. Wood
5. Fetal placental circulation A. M. Carter
6. Growth and development of the heart K. L.
Thornburg and M. Morton
7. Circulatory transitions at birth and the
control of the neonatal circulation A. M. Walker
8. Cardiovascular effects of acute fetal
hypoxia and asphyxia H. Iwamoto
9. Effects of chronic hypoaxmia on circulatory
control A. Bocking
10. Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the
newborn S. Soifer and M. A. Heymann
11. Birthweight and blood pressure in childhood
and adult life C. M. Law and D. J. P. Barker
12. Recording and analysis of fetal heart rate
variation T. Wheeler
13. Fetal heart rate monitoring: application in
clinical practice J. A. D. Spencer
14. Doppler ultrasonography: techniques K.
15. Doppler ultrasonography: applications in
clinical practice B. Trudinger
16. Assessment of cerebral haemodynamics and
oxygenation in the human newborn infant J.
Wyatt, D. Edwards and E. O. R. Reynolds
17. Structural and functional anomalies of the
heart L. D. Allan
18. Management of fetal cardiac anomalies J. M.
Dunn, S. Weil and P. Russo
19. Persistent fetal circulation: principles of
diagnosis and management S. G. Haworth.