Ink Plum : The Making of a Chinese Scholar-Painting Genre

Ink Plum : The Making of a Chinese Scholar-Painting Genre

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Ink plum (momei) has been one of the most admired and widely practised genres of ink painting in China, Japan and Korea throughout the last six hundred years.

Table of Contents

Part I. Foundations of the Flowering-Plum
Tradition: 1. The flowering plum in Chinese
2. A primer of the flowering plum idiom
3. The flowering plum aesthetic
Part II. The Flowering-Plum in Painting:
Pre-Song and Northern Song Developments: 4. The
flowering plum in pre-song and Northern song
5. Monochrome flower painting in the rustic and
elegant modes
6. The flowering plum and the flowering of
Part III. The Birth of the Ink-Plum Genre and
its Early Development: 7. The founder of a New
Painting genre: Zhongren (d. 1123)
8. The completion of the formative process
9. A moment of balance, a moment of choice: the
flowering plum in southern song painting
Part IV. Momei under the Mongols: the
Re-formation of the Genre during the Yuan
Period: 10. Momei under the Mongols
11. Yuan ink-plum thought and theory
12. Yuan ink-plum practice.