The Derveni Papyrus : Cosmology, Theology and Interpretation (1ST)


The Derveni Papyrus : Cosmology, Theology and Interpretation (1ST)

  • 提携先の海外書籍取次会社に在庫がございます。通常3週間で発送いたします。
    1. 納期遅延や、ご入手不能となる場合が若干ございます。
    2. 複数冊ご注文の場合、分割発送となる場合がございます。
    3. 美品のご指定は承りかねます。
  • 【重要:入荷遅延について】

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Full Description

This is a comprehensive study of the Derveni Papyrus. The papyrus, found in 1962 near Thessaloniki, is not only one of the oldest surviving Greek papyri but is also considered by scholars as a document of primary importance for a better understanding of the religious and philosophical developments in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Gabor Betegh aims to reconstruct and systematically analyse the different strata of the text and their interrelation by exploring the archaeological context; the interpretation of rituals in the first columns of the text; the Orphic poem commented on by the author of the papyrus; and the cosmological and theological doctrines which emerge from the Derveni author's exegesis of the poem. Betegh discusses the place of the text in the context of late Presocratic philosophy and offers an important preliminary edition of the text of the papyrus with critical apparatus and English translation.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
List of abbreviations xii
Text and translation 1 (372)
The find 56 (18)
The first columns 74 (18)
The reconstruction of the poem 92 (40)
The interpretation of the poem 132(50)
The cosmic god 182(42)
Cosmology 224(54)
Anaxagoras 278(28)
Diogenes of Apollonia and Archelaus of 306(19)
Physics and eschatology: Heraclitus and the 325(24)
gold plates
Understanding Orpheus, understanding the 349(24)
Appendix: Diagoras and the Derveni author 373(8)
Bibliography 381(15)
Index verborum 396(26)
Index of passages 422(10)
Index of modern names 432(4)
Index of subjects 436