Cultural Animal Reader for Baumeister and Bushman's Social Psychology and Human Nature

Cultural Animal Reader for Baumeister and Bushman's Social Psychology and Human Nature

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Full Description

The CULTURAL ANIMAL READER contains full-text articles, referenced within the main text, that relate to the book's overarching themes. Critical thinking questions for each chapter are included.

Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Territorial Defense in Parking       1  (14)
Lots: Retaliation Against Waiting Drivers
R. Barry Ruback
Daniel Juieng
Chapter 2 Opinions and Social Pressure 15 (7)
Solomon E. Asch
Chapter 3 Telling More Than We Can Know: 22 (42)
Verbal Reports on Mental Processes
Richard E. Nisbett
Timothy DeCamp Wilson
Chapter 4 Forbidden Fruit Vs. Tainted 64 (30)
Fruit: Effects of Warning Labels on
Attraction to Television Violence
Brad J. Bushman
Angela D. Stack
Chapter 5 When Less is More: Counterfactual 94 (17)
Thinking and Satisfaction Among Olympic
Victoria Husted Medvec
Scott F. Madey
Thomas Gilovich
Chapter 6 Some Evidence for Heightened 111(14)
Sexual Attraction Under Conditions of High
Donald G. Dutton
Arthur P. Aron
Chapter 7 The Effect of Severity of 125(8)
Initiation on Liking for a Group
Elliot Aronson
Judson Mills
Chapter 8 Behavioral Study of Obedience 133(15)
Stanley Milgram
Chapter 9 Some Immediate Effects of 148(12)
Televised Violence on Children's behavior
Robert M. Liebert
Robert A. Baron
Chapter 10 If You Can't Join Them, Beat 160(29)
Them: Effects of Social Exclusion on
Aggressive Behavior
Jean M. Twenge
Roy F. Baumeister
Dianne M. Tice
Tanja S. Stucke
Chapter 11 Sexual Strategies Theory: An 189(58)
Evolutionary Perspective on Human Mating
David M. Buss
David P. Schmitt
Chapter 12 Stereotype Threat and the 247(34)
Intellectual Test Performance of African
Claude M. Steele
Joshua Aronson
Chapter 13 Low-Ball Procedure for Producing 281(21)
Compliance: Commitment then Cost
Robert B. Cialdini
Rodney Bassett
John T. Cacioppo
John A. Miller
Chapter 14 From Power to Action 302(30)
Adam D. Galinsky
Deborah H. Gruenfeld
Joe C. Magee
Answers For Critical Thinking Questions 332