Essentials of College Physics, International Edition -- Paperback / softback

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Essentials of College Physics, International Edition -- Paperback / softback

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Full Description

ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE PHYSICS provides a clear and logical presentation of the basic concepts and principles of physics without sacrificing any of the problem-solving support or conceptual understanding you will need. The powerful and interactive PhysicsNow (TM) is an online resource that uses a series of chapter-specific diagnostics to gauge your unique study needs, then provides a Personalized Learning Plan that maximizes your study time by focusing on the concepts you need to review most. PhysicsNow (TM) also allows you to access Personal Tutor with SMARTHINKING, a live web-based tutoring service. Personal Tutor with SMARTHINKING features two-way audio, an interactive whiteboard for displaying presentation materials, and instant messaging for easy communication with your personal tutor.


Part 11. Introduction.2. Motion in One Dimension.3. Vectors and Two-Dimensional Motion.4. The Laws of Motion.5. Energy.6. Momentum and Collisions.7. Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity.8. Rotational Equilibrium and Rotational Dynamics.9. Solids and Fluids.Part 2: THERMODYNAMICS.10. Thermal Physics.11. Energy in Thermal Processes.12. The Laws of Thermodynamics.Part 3: VIBRATIONS AND WAVES.13. Vibrations and Waves.14. Sound.Part 4: ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM.15. Electric Forces and Electric Fields.16. Electrical Energy and Capacitance.17. Current and Resistance.18. Direct Current Circuits.19. Magnetism.20. Induced Voltages and Inductance.21. Alternating Current Circuits and Electromagnetic Waves.22. Reflection and Refraction of Light.23. Mirrors and Lenses.24. Wave Optics.25. Optical Instruments.26. Relativity.27. Quantum Physics.28. Atomic Physics.29. Nuclear Physics.30. Nuclear Energy and Elementary Particles.