The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia : A Four-Country Comparative Study

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The Well-Being of the Elderly in Asia : A Four-Country Comparative Study

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Covers the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Table of Contents

        List of Figures                            ix
List of Tables xi
Authors xix
Preface xxi
Aging in Asia: Facing the Crossroads 1 (24)
Albert I. Hermalin
Lora G. Myers
The Source and Nature of the Challenges 3 (3)
Demographic Responses and Their 6 (6)
Non-Demographic Responses 12 (3)
Goals of the Volume 15 (2)
Tools and Perspectives 17 (1)
History of the Project, Data Collected, 18 (3)
and Other Products
Impact 21 (4)
The Demographic, Socioeconomic, and 25 (40)
Cultural Context of the Four Study Countries
John Knodel
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Albert I. Hermalin
Population Aging and Sociodemographic 26 (9)
Change in World Context
Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Cultural 35 (1)
Context of the Four Study Countries
Political and Cultural Setting 36 (8)
Demographic Change 44 (5)
Socioeconomic Change 49 (3)
Changing Characteristics of the Elderly 52 (2)
Demographic and Social Characteristics of 54 (5)
the Sample Elderly
Conclusions 59 (6)
Policies and Programs in Place and under 65 (36)
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Angelique Chan
Napaporn Chayovan
Yi-Li Chuang
Aurora Perez
Kalyani Mehta
Albert I. Hermalin
Social Security Retirement Programs 68 (7)
Health Care Programs 75 (10)
Other Programs and Policies Targeted to 85 (9)
the Older Population
Conclusions 94 (7)
Theoretical Perspectives, Measurement 101(42)
Issues, and Related Research
Albert I. Hermalin
The Demography of Aging 101(3)
Related Disciplines and Their Perspectives 104(3)
The Conceptual Framework 107(3)
Societal Changes and Their Impact on the 110(4)
The Effect of Population Aging on 114(5)
Economic Development
Asian Interests in Research on Aging 119(3)
Measuring and Understanding Living 122(1)
Identifying and Measuring 123(5)
Intergenerational Support Dimensions
Measuring Work and Leisure 128(1)
The Economic Status of the Elderly 129(1)
Health Status and Health Care Utilization 130(1)
Vulnerable Groups and Their Levels of 131(1)
Cross-Cutting Issues, Transitions, and 132(11)
Policy Recommendations
Patterns and Determinants of Living 143(42)
John Knodel
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Measurement Issues 144(3)
Trends in Coresidence 147(2)
General Patterns of Household Composition 149(5)
Coresidence in Relation to Children's 154(8)
Gender and Marital Status
Determinants of Living Arrangements 162(8)
Multivariate Results 170(9)
Conclusions 179(6)
Intergenerational Support and Transfers 185(46)
Ann Biddlecom
Napaporn Chayovan
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Measurement Issues 187(3)
Background 190(4)
Norms and Attitudes about Family Support 194(2)
Availability of Children and Social 196(1)
Current Flows of Intergenerational Support 197(22)
Conclusions 219(12)
Work, Retirement, and Leisure 231(64)
Albert I. Hermalin
Angelique Chan
Ann Biddlecom
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Trend and Levels of Labor Force 237(10)
Modeling the Retirement Process 247(4)
Correlates of Labor Force Participation 251(14)
Attitudes and Preferences Related to Work 265(10)
and Retirement
Leisure Activities of the Elderly 275(8)
Conclusions 283(12)
Economic Well-Being: Insights from Multiple 295(66)
Measures of Income and Assets
Albert I. Hermalin
Ming-Cheng Chang
Carol Roan
Measurement Issues Related to Economic 296(5)
Levels of Income in Absolute and Relative 301(5)
Major Sources of Income 306(2)
Factors Affecting Levels of Income 308(11)
Household Income and Indirect Sources of 319(5)
Subjective Measures of Economic Well-Being 324(3)
Assets and Home Ownership 327(17)
Changes in Economic Well-Being over Time 344(4)
Conclusions 348(13)
Physical and Mental Health of the Elderly 361(52)
Zachary Zimmer
Josefina N. Natividad
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Hui-Sheng Lin
Methodological Issues 362(4)
Health Risk Behaviors 366(5)
Physical Health 371(14)
Emotional and Cognitive Health 385(3)
Self-Assessed Health 388(10)
Conclusions 398(15)
Patterns of Health Care Utilization 413(48)
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Josefina N. Natividad
Health Insurance Coverage 417(8)
Health-Seeking Behaviors 425(4)
Use of Specific Medical Services 429(21)
Unmet Need for Health Services 450(5)
Conclusions 455(6)
The Vulnerable and Their Potential 461(58)
Albert I. Hermalin
Mary Beth Ofstedal
Kalyani Mehta
Methods and Measurement Issues 462(7)
Research Findings 469(17)
Cross-Country Profiles of Relative Risks 486(6)
Multivariate Results 492(7)
Summary of Disadvantages Faced by the 499(4)
Sociodemographic Groups
Policy and Programmatic Implications 503(5)
Conclusions 508(11)
Capturing Change: Transitions at Older Ages 519(24)
and Cohort Succession
Albert I. Hermalin
Cohort Succession and Its Implications 521(11)
for Population Aging
Transitions over the Later Life Course 532(7)
Conclusions 539(4)
Making the Choices: Policies and Research 543(40)
for the Coming Years
Albert I. Hermalin
Major Findings and Their Implications 544(11)
Anticipating the Future: Demographic, 555(8)
Social, and Economic Trends and Their
Policy Strategies in an Uncertain World 563(11)
Developing a Research Agenda 574(3)
Looking Backward and Looking Forward 577(6)
Appendix A: Survey Design Information and 583(7)
Methodological Notes
Appendix B: Guide to Archived Data 590(2)
Appendix C: Project-Related Publications 592(7)
Index 599