International Review of Studies on Emotion (International Review of Studies on Emotion) 〈2〉

International Review of Studies on Emotion (International Review of Studies on Emotion) 〈2〉

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This series of biannual volumes will review and report these significant developments by bringing together original, interesting and sometimes controversial essays by leaders in the field.

Full Description

The four papers in this volume deal respectively with aggression and anger, conditioning and fear, dopamine and anticipation and separation distress. The aim of these papers each of which presents details of very recent research, is to explicate the links between emotional experience and behaviour and their neural substrates. Following the neuroscience approach, a position piece by Heinz Kronne and two of his colleagues at mainz brings us up-to-date on their interesting work on emotional arousal and coping mechanisms. thereafter are two position pieces with evolutionary themes with his customary elegence, George Mandler offers some of his recent thoughts on emotion, particularly with respect to his constructivist position. He develops this into a discussion of evolution and culture in the development of anger and aggression. Then Alan Fridiuna considers Darwin on emotional expression and takes apart how people have interpreted it. Still on the theme of facial expression, klaus Scherer offers some intriguing and far-reaching suggestions on how the face expresses both emotion and thought. Tony Manstead and Roselyne Edwards describe their research on emotional competence in children, particularly addressing the problems of causality. Joe de Revira introduces the topic of emotional climate, an important concept that he broadens even further in a consideration of local, national and political matters. Jeanette Haviland and Ruth Goldston from Rutgers develop a description of what they term "passionate and emotional qualities in personal narrative" and Keith Oatley and Elaine Duncan provide an analysis of emotion in everyday life.


Symposium on affective neuroscience, Jaak Panksepp; coping dispositions, uncertainty and emotional arousal, Heinz Walter Krohne, et al; emotions, evolution and aggression - myths and conjecture, George Mandler; Darwin's anti-Darwinism in the "Expression of the Emotions In Man and Animals", Alan J. Fridlund; what does facial expresion express?, Klaus R. Scherer; communicative aspects of children's emotional competence, Antony S.R. Manstead and Roselyne Edwards; emotional climate - social structure and emotional dynamics, Joseph de Rivera; emotion and narrative - the agony and the ecstasy, Jeanette M. Haviland and Ruth B. Goldston; incidents of emotion in daily life, Keith Oatley and Elaine Duncan; an introduction to the philosophy of the emotions, William Lyons.