Nitrate : Processes, Patterns and Management

Nitrate : Processes, Patterns and Management

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Full Description

This text brings together the various facets of the "nitrate issue" at a research level which should be of interest and use to a wide range of scientists working in this general area. It examines the processes of nitrate cycling in particular environments, devoting two chapters to soils, though only one deals with agricultural soils. A central section looks at the hydrology of nitrate, the delivery of nitrate to streams, the movement of nitrate in groundwater systems and the patterns of nitrate in surface waters. A final section considers management responses to the nitrate problem, with discussions of both preventative and curative solutions, and a detailed examination of the legal requirements surrounding the issue. Much of the authors' research has been focused within the catchments draining into Slapton Ley, a small lake in south west England whose status as a nature reserve has been threatened over the past few decades because eutrophication. Of particular interest to them are the links between land use and nitrate loss, and the hydrological pathways by which nitrate moves from soil to stream.


Part 1 Nitrogen cycling and nitrate production in catchment ecosystems: nitrogen cycling in catchment ecosystems - an overview, Dr. A.L.Heathwaite et al; nitrogen and nitrogen compounds in the atmosphere, Dr.R.P.Wayne, Physical Chemistry Oxford University; nitrogen cycling in agricultural soils, Dr.K.Smith, Dr. A.Vinten, Edinburgh School of Agriculture; nitrate dynamics in forest soils, Dr.H.Van Miegroet, Oak Ridge; Dr.Dale Johnson, University of Nevada; nitrogen cycling in surface waters and lakes, Dr.A.L.Heathwaite; nitrogen cycling in wetlands, Dr.C.Howard-Williams and Dr.Malcolm Downes, Taupo, New Zealand; nitrate cycling in marine waters, Dr. Nicholas Owens, Plymouth Marine Laboratory. Part 2 Spatial and temporal patterns of nitrate transfer: nitrate in groundwater, Dr.T.P.burt Oxford, Dr.S.T.Trudgill, Sheffield; nitrate losses from agricultural land, Dr.A.D.Armstrong, FDEU Cambridge; Dr.T.P.Burt, Oxford; nitrate in surface waters, Dr. P.J.Johnes, Liverpool; Dr.T.P.Burt, Oxford. Part 3 Management strategies: changes in agricultural practice, Dr.R.J.Parkinson, Polytechnic South West; controlling losses of nitrate by changing land use, Dr.T.P.Burt, Oxford; N.E.Haycock, Silsoe; treatment processes for nitrate removal from water supplies, Dr.T.Hall, WRc Swindon; Dr.B.T.Croll, Anglia Water Services; nitrate and the law, S.Ball, Sheffield. Part 4 Overview: The politics of nitrate in the UK, Professor T.O'Riordan, Dr.G.Bentham, University of East Anglia; nitrate - future problems - future solutions?, Dr.A.L.Heathwaite, Dr.T.Burt, Dr.S.T.Trudgill.