Polyfunctional Cytokines : Il-6 and Lif (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Polyfunctional Cytokines : Il-6 and Lif (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Chairman: D. Metcalf.

Full Description

Polyfunctional Cytokines: IL-6 and LIF Chairman: D. Metcalf 1992 Interleukin 6 (IL-6) and leukaemia inhibitory factor (LIF) have a complex array of biological actions on diverse tissues; they share a number of functional activities, but also show some interesting differences. Although these two cytokines have much in common they are not usually considered together. The purpose of this symposium was to bring together experts from a variety of areas to discuss and compare IL-6 and LIF, to provide a new understanding of their modes of action and to assess the significance of their polyfunctionality - why the body chose to use one molecule to regulate a variety of cell types - and their functional overlap. The structure of the genes encoding IL-6 and LIF and the regulation of gene expression are described. The molecular biology, distribution and binding properties of the receptors for the two factors are discussed. The extent to which these molecular characteristics form a basis for cytokine pleiotropy and redundancy is considered. Other topics focused on include actions of IL-6 and LIF on lymphoid populations, on megakaryocyte and platelet production, on bone metabolism, on acute-phase protein synthesis by liver cells and on the nervous system - neuronal differentiation in particular. Effects of IL-6 and LIF on leukaemic cells, the role of IL-6 in plasmacytomagenesis and the potential clinical value of measurement of cytokine levels, such as in the diagnosis of intra-amniotic infection in women with preterm labour, are also covered. Related Ciba Foundation Symposia: No. 157 Clinical applications of TGF-s Chairman: M. B. Sporn 1991 ISBN 0471 92811 9 No. 148 Molecular control of haemopoiesis Chairman: D. Metcalf 1990 ISBN 0471 92561 6 No. 147 IgE, mast cells and the allergic response Chairman: H. Metzger 1989 ISBN 0 471 92309 5 No. 131 Tumour necrosis factor and related cytotoxins Chairman: L. J. Old 1987 ISBN 0 471 91097 X

Table of Contents

The Molecular Biology of Interleukin 6 and
Its Receptor (T. Kishimoto, et al.).
The Action of Interleukin 6 on Lymphoid
Populations (L. Aarden & C. van Kooten).
Further Studies of the Distribution of
CDF/LIF mRNA (P. Patterson & M.-J.
Leukemia Inhibitory Factor and Bone Cell
Function (T. Martin, et al.).
The Role of Interleukin 6 in
Plasmacytomagenesis (T. Hirano, et al.).
Distribution and Binding Properties of
Receptors for Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (D.
Hilton, et al.).
Reconstitution of High Affinity Leukemia
Inhibitory Factor (LIF) Receptors in
Hemopoietic Cells Transfected with the Cloned
Human LIF Receptor (D. Gearing, et al.).