Aluminum in Biology and Medicine (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Aluminum in Biology and Medicine (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Chairman: R. J. P. Williams.

Full Description

Prominent contributors address issues regarding the toxicity of aluminum which causes an encephalopathy in renal dialysis patients and is also known to damage animals and plants via acid rain. Examines the chemistry and biology of aluminum compounds focusing on the evidence for and against aluminum's role in Alzheimer's disease.

Table of Contents

    Partial table of contents:
The Interrelationship Between Silicon and
Aluminium in the Biological Effects of
Aluminum (J. Birchall).
The Epidemiology of Alzheimer's Disease in
Relation to Aluminium (C. Martyn).
Aluminium and the Pathogenesis of
Alzheimer's Disease: A Summary of Evidence
(D. McLachlan, et al.).
Intestinal Absorption of Aluminium (G. van
der Voet).
Aluminium Intoxication in Renal Disease (D.
Kerr, et al.).
Aluminium and Alzheimer's Disease (H.
Wisniewski & G. Wen).
Aluminium Accumulation, β-Amyloid
Deposition and Neurofibrillary Changes in
the Central Nervous System (J. Edwardson,
et al.).
Aluminium(III) in Experimental Cell
Pathology (P. Zatta, et al.).
Elemental Analysis of Neurofibrillary
Tangles in Alzheimer's Disease Using
Proton-Induced X-Ray Analysis (F. Murray,
et al.).
Neurotoxic Effects of Dietary Aluminium (R.
Jope & G. Johnson).