The Mapping of Geological Structures (Geological Society of London Professional Handbook No 1572)

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The Mapping of Geological Structures (Geological Society of London Professional Handbook No 1572)

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Full Description

The Mapping of Geological Structures Ken McClay Department of Geology, Royal Holloway University of London, UK Detailed mapping and analysis of the structural features of rocks enable the 3D geometry of their structures to be reconstructed. The resulting evidence of the stresses and movement patterns which rocks have undergone indicates the processes by which they were formed, and allows evaluation of past deformations of the earth's crust. Written to show how one actually describes, measures and records rock structures such as folds and faults with the emphasis on accuracy, detail and on-going interpretation throughout, this handbook gives students and enthusiasts the practical information and guidance which allows their fieldwork to become vastly more rewarding. " the author is to be congratulated on producing such an excellent text. The whole range of mapping techniques that an undergraduate student will require are described and the book will still be immense help to post-graduates setting out on their research work. The book represents extremely good value and is thoroughly recommended." C.R.L. Friend, Mineralogical Magazine

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                   vi
Introduction 1 (16)
Mapping techniques 17 (28)
Fold structures 45 (19)
Foliations 64 (10)
Linear structures 74 (10)
Faults and shear zones 84 (32)
Joints, veins and stylolites 116(10)
Polyphase deformation 126(25)
First steps in overall interpretation and 151(1)
References and further reading 151(2)
Appendix I Real and apparent dip nomogram 153(1)
Appendix II Thickness exaggeration with 154(1)
apparent dip
Appendix III Strain measurements 155