Computer Communications Systems : Principles Design Protocols 〈002〉

Computer Communications Systems : Principles Design Protocols 〈002〉

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Full Description

The second volume of a series which gathers together the main aspects of teleprocessing, this book is derived from courses given to computer engineering students and is intended for those with a basic knowledge of data processing who wish to learn more about teleprocessing. This series presents the principles of teleprocessing, the techniques used for designing and modelling networks and the communication protocols. This volume is published jointly with the first which presents an introduction to teleprocessing, data circuits, error detection and correction and line procedures. These two volumes treat the problems of modelling and describing the low-level protocols which extend from the tranmission of bits on line to end-to-end transport between terminal equipment. Subsequent volumes will be devoted to local area networks and high-level protocols.


Part 1 Network design: queues; analysis of data links; concentrators and multiplexers; optimization of network topology. Part 2 Network layer: segmentation and reassembly; datagrams and virtual circuits; routing algorithms; congestion control; x.25 protocol; OSI connection-mode network layer. Part 3 Transport layer: general organisation of the transport layer; elementary tranport protocol mechanisms; connection mode tranport layer ISO 8072-8073; connectionless tranport protocols; implementation of a transport layer.