Gaba B Receptors in Mammalian Function

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Gaba B Receptors in Mammalian Function

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Full Description

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) plays an important neurotransmitter role within the mammalian brain. This collection of studies focuses on GABA receptors, addressing biochemical and peripheral aspects, control of transmitter release, epilepsy, electrophysiological and applied aspects.


Part 1 Generalet al; GABA(B) receptor agonists and antagonists, D.I.B.Kerr et al; biochemistry, electrophysiology and pharmacology of a new GABA(B) antagonist, H.Bittiger et al. Part 2 Control of transmitter release: GABA(B) receptors and transmitter release, P.C.Waldmeier and P.A.Baumann; release-regulating GABA autoreceptors in human and rat CNS, M.Raiteri et al. Part 3 Peripheral aspects: review of peripheral GABA(B) effects, A.Giotti et al. Part 4 Biochemical aspects: evidence for the existence of GABA(B) receptor subpopulations in mammalian central nervous system, E.W.Karbon et al; GABA(B) receptors and inhibition of cyclic AMP formation, W.Wojcik; modulation by GABA of agonist-induced inositol phospholipid metabolism in guinea-pig and rat brain, M.l.A.Crawford and J.M.Young; solubilization and partial purification of cerebral GABA(B) receptor, K.Kuriyama et al. Part 5 Electrophysiological aspects: pre - and post-synaptic GABA(B) responses in the hippocampus, R.A.Nicoll and P.Dutar; presynaptic GABA(B) receptors on rat hippocampal neurons, N.L.Harrison et al; GABA(B) receptor function in hippocampus - development and control of excitability, P.Schwartzkroin; GABA(B) receptor mediated frequency dependence of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials of neocortical neurones in vitro, R.Deisz and W.Zieglgansberger; GABA(B) mediated inhibition of Ca currents - a possible role in presynaptic inhibition, A.C.Dolphin et al; physiological and pharmacological characterization of GABA(B) receptor-mediated potassium conductance, N.Ogata. Part 6 Applied aspects - antidepressants: antidepressants and GABA(B) site upregulation, K.G.Lloyd; GABA(B) binding sites in depression and antidepressant drug action, J.A.Cross et al; autoradiographical analysis of GABA(B) sites in rat frontal cortex following chronic antidepressant administration, G.D.Pratt and N.G.Bowery; neurochemical effects of prenatal antidepressant administration on cortical GABA(B) receptor binding and striatal 3H-dopamine release, C.Knott. Part 7 Epilepsy: GABA(B) receptors and experimental models of epilepsy, G.Karlsson et al; GABA(B) receptors and analgesia, J.Sawynok.