Assignments in Applied Statistics

Assignments in Applied Statistics

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Full Description

This volume contains a collection of 20 assignments in applied statistics, written by leading authorities in the fields of decision analysis, multi-variate analysis, forecasting, and the design and analysis of surveys and experiments. Topics cover a range of applications in the management and social sciences, industry and medicine. The aim of the text is to provide practical experience in data handling and analysis.


Part 1 Decision analysis: utility and probability assessment in settling an insurance claim, J.Smith; multicriteria analysis and public sector decision making, A.Pearman; a decision tree for the selection of tenderers, J.Smith; sample information in marketing a new product, Z.Kmietowicz. Part 2 Forecasting: trend analysis in technological forecasting, J.Sparkes and S.Witt; forecasting jeans sales in the UK using decomposition analysis, J.Sparkes and S.Witt; company sales forecasting using exponential smoothing, J.Sparkes and S.Witt; multiple regression and the market size for new cars, J.Sparkes and S.Witt. Part 3 Multivariate analysis: principal components analysis of medical records, G.Dunn; the classification of depression amongst women, B.Everitt; discriminant analysis for psychiatric screening, D.Hand; understanding pain through multidimensional scaling, B.Everitt. Part 4 The design and analysis of surveys: sample design and the 1979 British election study, S. Stray; opinion polling and opinion poll designs, S. Stray; technology and the survey process, S. Stray; the analysis of cross-tabulated survey data, G.Upton. Part 5 The design and analysis of experiments: a bad experiment in chemical process development, R.Caulcutt; a factorial experiment to help determine government policy on bean growing, R.Caulcutt; a split plot experiment and a blocked experiment to support the marketing of shampoos, R.Caulcutt; a hill climbing approach to find the optimum conditions for satisfying quality and quantity specfications, R.Caulcutt.