The Analysis of Drugs of Abuse (Separation Science Series)

The Analysis of Drugs of Abuse (Separation Science Series)

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Full Description

The Analysis of Drugs of Abuse Edited by Terry A. Gough, The Laboratory of the Government Chemist, Teddington, UK Analytical techniques based on separation processes, such as chromatography and electrophoresis, are finding a growing range of applications in chemical, biochemical and clinical laboratories: The aim of this series is to provide the analyst in these laboratories with well-focused books covering individual techniques and methods. This volume, devoted to the analysis of drugs which are commonly misused, provides a comprehensive source of up-to-date information. Detailed individual chapters are written by experts in the field describing various analytical techniques and applications. A special feature of the book is its emphasis on the complementary roles of chemist, law enforcer and the law maker in combatting drugs smuggling and the need for collaboration. This book will be a valuable reference for chemists, toxicologists and forensic scientists working in the field.

Table of Contents

The Use of Thin-layer Chromatography in the
Analysis of Drugs of Abuse (J. Roberson).
The Use of Gas Chromatography for the
Detection and Quantitation of Abused Drugs
(H. Huizer).
The Multi-technique Approach (J. Franke & R.
de Zeeuw).
The Use of High Performance Liquid
Chromatography for the Detection and
Quantitation of Abused Drugs (B. Caddy).
The Identification of Drugs by Mass
Spectrometry (K. Webb).
Applications of Infrared Spectroscopy in Drug
Analysis (T. Mills & G. Fontis).
The Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Spectroscopy for the Detection and
Quantitation of Abused Drugs (B. Dawson).
Use of Immunoassay to Detect Drugs in Body
Fluids (K. Tan & V. Marks).
Examination of Illicitly Produced Tablets and
Capsules (P. Gomm & R. Hughes).
On-site Sampling and Detection of Drug
Particulates (L. Elias & A. Lawrence).
Mass Screening of Urine for Drugs of Abuse
(M. Dutt & T. Lee).
The Operation of a Hospital Laboratory
Service for the Detection of Drugs of Abuse
(B. Widdop & R. Caldwell).
Analysis for a Forensic Science Service (K.
Scientific Support for a Customs Service (T.
Gough & G. Phillips).
The Examination of Drugs in Smuggling
Offenses (T. Gough).
Author Index.
Subject Index.