Temperate Paleohydrology : Fluvial Processes in the Temperate Zone during the Last 15,000 Years

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Temperate Paleohydrology : Fluvial Processes in the Temperate Zone during the Last 15,000 Years

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Full Description

This volume is the final summary volume from the fluvial sub-projects of IGCP Project 158. It is not intended to provide details of all research completed in each contributing country, but instead to provide succinct summaries. The chapters are selected and arranged to illustrate particular aspects of palaeohydrological change in the last 15,000 years. The volume is organized in three main sections. The first section of 3 chapters is designed to introduce the temperate zone and IGCP Project 158. The second section of 14 chapters describes the research conclusions from 14 different study areas and each one develops a particular theme which helps to augment understanding of temperate palaechydrology. The third section is composed of chapters which introduce specific topics to provide a perspective to temperate palaeohydrology, make conclusions in relation to correlation of events from one area to another in the temperate zone, as well as in relation to global patterns.


Part 1 Background to the temperate zone: characteristics of the temperate zone and fluvial palaeohydrology, L.Starkel; hydrology of rivers and river regimes, A.Sundborg and Margareta Jansoon; morphology and sediments - typological characteristics of fluvial forms and deposits, K.J.Gregory and J.K.Maizels. Part 2 Regional case studies of temperate river valleys: glacio-isostatically adjusted palaeohydrology, the rivers Ivalojoki and Oulankajoki, Northern Finland, L.Koutaniemi; regional case studies in Southern Finland with reference to Glacial Rebound and Baltic regression, H.Mansikkaniemi; palaeohydrologic change during deglaciation in upland Britain - a case study from North East Scotland, Judith Maizels and J.Aitken; hydrogeomorphological changes in the Severn Basin during the last 15,000 years - orders of change in a maritime catchment, A.G.Brown; the vistula river valley - a case study for central Europe, L.Starkel; Warta - a case study of a lowland river, S.Kozarski; environmental processes and fluvial responses in a small temperate zone catchment - a case study of the Sussex Ouse valley, South East England, P.J.Burrin and D.K.C.Jones; palaeohydrological development in the Southern Netherlands during the last 15,000 years, S.J.P.Bohncke and J.Vandenberghe; the late-glacial and holocene evolution of the middle and lower river Scheldt, Belgium, P.Kiden; the history of the Aare river and the Rorealpine lakes in Western Switzerland, Barbara Wholfarth-Meyer and Brigitta Ammann; the Morava river basin during the last 15,000 years, P.Havlicek; palaeogeography of the lower Danube valley and the Danube delta during the last 15,000 years, C.Ghenea and N.Mihailescu; the evolution of the river systems in the East Baltic, A.Miidel and A.Raukas; the fluvial history of West Siberia, V.I.Astakhov. Part 3 Perspectives: glacier fluctuations in Scandinavia during the last 9,000 years, W.Karln; paleogeography of limestone areas, V.Lozek; retrodiction of palaeodischarges of meandering and sinuous alluvial rivers and its palaeohydroclimatic implications, K.Botnicki; long distance correlation of fluvial events in the temperate zone, L.Starkel; a bright future for old flows, V.R.Baker; the need for a continuing agenda - unfinished business, K.J.Gregory and J.B.Thornes.