Changing Ideas in Health Care (Wiley Medical Publications)

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Changing Ideas in Health Care (Wiley Medical Publications)

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Full Description

Changing Ideas in Health Care Edited by David Seedhouse Departments of Community Health and General Practice, University of Liverpool, UK and Alan Cribb Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, University of Manchester, UK The subject of health care is constantly analysed, debated, and reassessed both from within by its practitioners and from outside by those responsible for deciding national or local policy. Out of this debate have arisen many conflicts, but also many new initiatives which demonstrate a changing shape for health care practice and which mark a fresh trend towards caring for the whole persona move towards holism, equality and autonomy. This new trend forms the unifying theme of this collection of articles. Each describes a project or initiative set up by health workers which challenges traditional conventions and assumptions in medicine. The projects have been chosen from both hospital and community settings across a wide range of disciplines within nursing, medicine and health care. The book shows how practice is being reorientated by specific reforms and innovations, causing a range of objectives to emerge which lay new foundations for future health care policy. All who work within the medical and health care professions should read this book, particularly nurses, medical sociologists, psychologists, social workers, hospital administrators, community physicians, health education officers, general practitioners and health visitors. Other titles of interest from Wiley include Health: The Foundations for Achievement David Seedhouse (1986) Ethics: The Heart of Health Care David Seedhouse (1988)

Table of Contents

Hospice Medicine (M. Kearney).
Human Functions and the Heart (P. Nixon).
Changing the Agenda: The Role of the Cancer
Self-Help Group (A. Eardley).
The Care-by-Parent Scheme: An Innovation in
the Hospital Care of Child Patients (J.
The New Public Health: Speke Neighborhood
Health Group (A. Scott-Samuel).
Liverpool: Creating a Healthy City (J.
``Heartbeat Wales'': New Horizons for Health
Promotion in the Community--The Philosophy
and Practice of Heartbeat Wales (J. Catford &
R. Parish).
``Powell Street'': Community Mental Health
(K. Newbigging, et al.).
North Manchester: Women's Health at Risk (S.
Cawley, et al.).
The South Manchester Family Worker Scheme (B.
Spencer, et al.).
The Facilitator of Prevention in Primary
Care: The Birth of a New Health Professional
(E. Fullard).
Diary of a Nurse Practitioner (B. Stilwell).
Teaching Communication Skills to Medical
Students (D. Metcalfe).