Expert Systems in Business and Finance : Issues and Applications (John Wiley Series in Information Systems)

Expert Systems in Business and Finance : Issues and Applications (John Wiley Series in Information Systems)

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The book aims to illustrate how expert systems, which were originally conceived as stand alone systems, can be integrated with conventional-based systems.


Part 1 Issues in the design and integration of expert systems: expert systems integration with computer-based information systems, E. Turban; conceptual issues in the integration of AI/ES with conventional information systems, T.J. Martin; building computerized financial advisors - the user model and human interface, D. King; experiences with object centered modelling of financial marketing, C. Apte et al; integration of intelligent technologies into conventional information systems - key issues, opportunities and potential pitfalls, P.R. Watkins and D.E. O'Leary. Part 2 Issues in the modelling of human judgement for expert systems: the meta logic of cognitively based heuristics, A. Rowe; performance modelling - a cognitive approach to building knowledge-based systems, L.B. Methlie; the architecture of expertise - the auditor's going-concern judgement, M. Selfridge and S.F. Brigga. Part 3 Issues in validation, auditability and security of expert systems: verifying and validating expert systems - a survey, D.E. O'Leary; expert systems in auditing, D.E. O'Leary and P.R. Watkins; expert systems - auditability issues, R.R. Moeller; perspectives on auditing operational knowledge bases, R. Jamieson; expert systems and computer security, W.T. Tener; issues in expert systems for security, D.E. O'Leary and P.R. Watkins. Part 4 Legal issues, training effects and financial planning applications of expert systems: legal issues in applied artificial intelligence, G.S. Cole; training and performance effects of a knowledge-base system for analytical review, E. Blocher et al; survey of expert systems for resource planning, C.E. Brown and S. Athey; a survey of expert systems used in the practice of public accounting, M.E. Phillips and C.E. Brown.