The Chemistry of Sulphinic Acids, Esters and Their Derivatives (Chemistry of Functional Groups)

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The Chemistry of Sulphinic Acids, Esters and Their Derivatives (Chemistry of Functional Groups)

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Full Description

The series "The Chemistry of Functional Groups" is planned to cover, in each volume, all aspects of the chemistry of one of the important functional groups in organic chemistry. The emphasis is laid on the functional groups treated and on the effects which it exerts on the chemical and physical properties, primarily in the immediate vicinity of the group in question and secondarily on the behaviour of the whole molecule.


Comparison of the -SOOH and -COOH groups - an overview, C.J.M.Stirling; general and theoretical, H.Basch; structural chemistry, A.Domenicano; stereochemistry and chiroptical properties, A.Nudelman; detection and determination, M.R.F.Ashworth; mass spectra, K.Pihlaja; NMR and ESR, A.Bassindale and J.Iley; synthesis of sulphinic acids and esters, U.Zoller; cyclic sulphinic acid derivatives, D.C.Dittmer; acidity, hydrogen bonding and complexation, N.Furukawa and H.Fujihara; rearrangements involving sulphinic acid derivatives, S.Braverman; sulphinic acids and esters in synthesis, H.Drabowics et al; asymmetric syntheses involving sulphinic acid derivatives, A.Nudelman; photochemistry of sulphinic acid derivatives, G.Capozzi and P.Sartl Fantoni; oxidation and reduction, J.Hoyle; syntheses and uses of isotopically labelled sulphinic acid derivatives, S.Oae and H.Tago; electrochemistry, J.Grimshaw; thermochemistry and thermolysis of sulphinic acid derivatives, M.Mikolajczyk; radical chemistry, F.Freeman; directing and activating effects of SOOH and related groups, J.Shorter; thiosulphinic acids and esters, T.Takata; sulphinyl halides, J.G.Tillett; sulphinamides, J.G.Tillett; sulphinic anhydrides, J.G.Tillett; reactions of sulphinic acid derivatives with nucleophiles, T.Okuyama; sulphinate lons as nucleophiles, T.Okuyama; biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicity, A.Kalir.