Basic Histochemistry

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Basic Histochemistry

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Full Description

The aim of this book is to teach basic principles and practice to complete novices in animal (including human) histochemistry. The book begins with essential definitions, followed by a brief resume of the origin and growth of the subject, and an outline of the general principles underlying histochemical methods. Then, after a special chapter devoted to basic methods for living tissue (which poses special problems), the rest of the book deals with basic methods for fixed tissue. The later chapters are divided from each other according to type of method rather than type of substance demonstrated, so that the principles behind the methods can be appreciated. Selected direct-staining methods, enzyme histochemical methods, affinity methods, and autoradiographical methods are given, for light microscopical studies, and in each chapter some theoretical background precedes the practical instructions, so that the methods will then be carried out by informed practitioners. Finally, the last chapter is a guide to the interpretation and assessment of histochemical results. Throughout the book references are given to more comprehensive or specialised reports beyond the scope of a basic work. This text can therefore be used as a prelude to further study.


General Introduction; Histochemistry of Living Tissue; Fixation and Related Procedures; Embedding; Microtomy and Related Procedures; General Equipment and Procedures Associated with Staining; Conventional Direct-Staining Histochemistry; Enzyme Histochemistry; Affinity Histochemistry; Autoradiography; Interpretation and Assessment of Histochemical Results; References; Index.