Fractal Approach to Heterogeneous Chemistry : Surfaces Colloids and Polymers

Fractal Approach to Heterogeneous Chemistry : Surfaces Colloids and Polymers

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Full Description

Specifically aimed at chemists, this study represents an approach to the study of disordered systems, such as polymers and colloids, using the methods of fractal geometry. The text concentrates on problems involving complex and highly irregular objects and structures. The techniques of fractal geometry are discussed in the context of geochemistry, chromatography, electrochemistry, polymerization, redox reactions and molecular diffusions and reactions. The work will be of benefit to physical and polymer chemists, geochemists, material scientists and physicists.


Part 1 Overview, B.B.Mandelbrot. Part 2 Basic concepts and terminology, P.Pfeifer. Part 3 Methods for determining the fractal dimension: analysis of images, B.H.Kaye; scattering - experiments and theory, P.W. Schmidt; adsorption - experiments and theory, D.Farin and D.Avnir; energy migration - theory, P.Evesque. Part 4 Mechanisms of formation of fractal objects: growth processes - polymerization and aggregation; the formation of fractal objects by polymerization and gelation, J.Martin; fractal properties of polymers, M.Daoud; fractal analysis of proteins; aggregation; simulations, P.Meakin; experimental observations - (redox reactions, polymerizations, etc). Part 5 Disintegration and dissipation processes: dissolutions, evaporations, etchings, G. Daccord; flow in colloidal media, H.Van-Damme; diffusion fronts, B.Sapoval. Part 6 Processes in fractal environments: reactions and diffusion in fractal environments; molecular diffusion and reactions - theory, P.Pfeifer; molecular diffusion and reactions - experiments, J.M.Drake; energy migration and trapping; catalysis, preliminary observations, D.Avnir and D.Farin; electrochemistry, A. Le-Mehaute; flow and porosimetry; porosity and adsorption isotherms, J.J.Fripiat; flow in porous media, P.Adler; chromatography, M.Sernetz. Part 7 Special topics: fractal aspects of geochemistry, P.A.Burrough; fractal analysis of chaotic chemical and biochemical reactions; fractions, D.Passoja. Part 8 Concluding remarks: the skeptical eye, D.Avnir.