Foams and Biliquid Foams-Aphrons

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Foams and Biliquid Foams-Aphrons

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Full Description

This book concerns colloidal dispersions in which dispersed phase is encapsulated in a soap film (Alphrons). The principle examples are foams and biliquid foams. Many applications of these are possible, and many of these are discussed, for example, removal of trace substances from water, predispersed solvent extraction and safety fuels. The concepts can also be useful in biology to enhance understanding of the structure of biomembranes and adhesion between cells. The book is interdisciplinary in approach, and many different fields will be interested in the new concepts outlined.


Surface Phenomenon; Thin Liquid Films; Conventional Foams; Colloidal Gas Aphrons; Oils Spread on Water; Biliquid Foams; Polyaphrons; Applications of Bubbles; Applications of CGA; Applications of Polyaphrons; Invert Aphrons; Unusual Forms of Aphrons; Biological Implications; Cancer; Paining on Water.