Endorphins, Opiates, and Behavioural Processes

Endorphins, Opiates, and Behavioural Processes

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Full Description

In recent years there has been an enormous growth of interest in the functional significance of endogenous opioid peptides and their relation to opiate drugs. This volume deals with important new clinical and experimental findings which emphasize the behavioural significance of these neuropeptides. Each review adopts a critical approach to the literature and draws specific attention to the clinical implications and relevance of basic research findings.


Overview of the Endogenous Opioid Systems: Anatomical, Biochemical and Functional Issues; Physiological Dependence on Opioids; Opioid Reinforcement Processes; Tolerance, Endorphins and Other Aspects of Opiate Drug Discrimination; Environmentally-Induced Analgesia: Situational Factors, Mechanisms and Significance; Endorphins, Opiates and Food Intake; Evidence for Opioid Involvement in Controls of Drinking and Water Balance; The Role of Opioid Mechanisms in Social Interaction and Attachment; Endorphins and Sexual Behaviour; Endorphins, Exploration and Activity; Opioid Modulation of Learning and Memory; Endogenous Opioid Systems and Neurobehavioral Development; Neurochemical Methods in the Study of the Role of Endorphins in Psychiatric Disorders; Narcotic Antogonist and Opioid Treatment in Psychiatry.