Herbicides (Progress in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology)

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Herbicides (Progress in Pesticide Biochemistry and Toxicology)

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Full Description

The sixth volume in the series, like its predecessor on insecticides, concentrates on a single theme, in this case herbicides. The current status of the various classes of herbicides are described and classified in manageable groups. A review of the various and intriguing mechanisms of selectivity of herbicides follows. Improved fundamental knowledge of the various targets of herbicide action can be expected to be valuable in the search for new herbicides. One such target, photosystem I is covered. Two classes of herbicides and their important individual members are also described, followed by the measurement of worker exposure to herbicides. Finally, the importance of environmental factors are covered, including the movement of herbicides in the soil, particularly into ground water; the microbiological degradation of herbicides and the behaviour of herbicides (particularly aquatic herbicides) in water.


Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators; The Role of Metabolism in Herbicide Selectivity; Chemistry and Biochemistry of Photosystem I Herbicides; The Mode of Action of Nitrodiphenyl Ether Herbicides; Wild Oat Herbicides; Monitoring of Humans for Occupational Exposure to Herbicides; Herbicide Behaviour in the Soil, with Particular Reference to the Potential for Ground Water; Microbial Decomposition of Herbicides in Soil; Herbicides in Water.