Cases in Corporate Finance

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Cases in Corporate Finance

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Full Description

The interest of managers and students in finance is not surprising. Financial economics provides a rich body of theory and supporting empirical work, with important implications for the way company finances should be managed, and the subject is taught at hundreds of business schools, universities and colleges with the object of training students to use a knowledge of finance in a business environment. Case studies play a crucial role here for they help to focus on applying and testing the theory of finance in real decision situations. Yet in spite of this, there is a paucity of good cases focusing on financial issues, especially in a European context. This need is met by 'Cases in Corporate Finance' which provides a collection of 27 new case studies of business situations and their backgrounds. It covers a comprehensive selection of topics, and can be used in conjunction with leading textbooks in finance at a variety of levels. The cases have been test-taught at leading business schools in the United States and Europe.


Overview of the Book; Investment Appraisal; Cost of Capital and Performance Measurement; Company Valuation; Acquisition and Divestment; Financing Decisions; Valuation of Corporate Liabilities; International Finance; Financial Planning; Case Questions; Index.