Fiber-Optic Systems : Network Applications

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Fiber-Optic Systems : Network Applications

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Full Description

This book is based on a highly successful series of seminars which the author has been giving in the UK. It covers the procedures for selecting and implementing fibre-optic systems, and through this approach also serves as a more general introduction to the topic of fibre-optic communications systems. All the latest developments in this fast-growing, important field are covered, and developments which are likely in the future are discussed. The various components of fibre-optic systems are considered, as are the factors to be taken into account when a particular system is chosen. Applications are discussed in some detail, and include: local and wide area networks, cable television, and long-distance communications. Monitoring and measurement techniques are also covered. The author's knowledge of the subject is considerable, and he is now working for a leading European analyst for the fibre-optics and microwave markets. The volume will appeal to engineers, telecommunications systems managers, information systems managers, data communications systems designers, applications planners, network designers, product planners, design, research and development managers.


Part 1: Introduction and overview: historical survey of optical communications; a simple link - medium comparison; what are fibre-optics systems?; power budget, analog and digital signals. Part 2 Fibers and fiber cables: multimode and single-mode fibers; power losses (fiber attenuation); dispersion and bandwidth; fiber manufacturing; fiber cable structures; installation considerations. Part 3 Connectors, couplers, splicers and "WDM": connectors; optical couplers; fiber splicing; wavelength-division multiplexers (WDM); optical multiplexing - systems aspects. Part 4 Electro-optic modules: transmitters - LEDs and lasers; receivers - PIN, PIN-FET and APD photodetectors; transmitter and receiver modules, transceivers and modems; fiber-optic modems - transceivers; factors influencing unit prices; modulation; time-division multiplexers (TDM "MUX" units). Part 5 Cable TV, closed-circuit television (CCTV); financial services systems; military and aerospace applications. Part 6 Local and metropolitan area networks (LANs and MANs): power budgets; backbone and mainframe data links; localized computer networks; local area networks (LANs) - examples. Part 7 Long-distance trunk telecommunications: national trunk systems; international trunk systems. part 8 Instrumentation: bit error rate; optical power and attenuation; optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs). Part 9 Current trends and forthcoming developments: the potential of fiber optics; third generation LANs, MANs and WANs; optoelectronic integrated circuits; switched fiber systems and optical switches; extremely narrow line width lasers and coherent system; microwave transmission and applications and "phased-array" radars; ultra-low-loss long-wavelength transmission.