Optics (Manchester Physics Series) (2 SUB)

Optics (Manchester Physics Series) (2 SUB)

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Full Description

The second edition of this text provides an introduction to the physics of wave motion based on wave concepts. Major changes from the original edition include the introduction of Fourier Theory at an earlier stage so that reference can be made to it throughout the book, and the inclusion of new material on modern optics. The text also features the basic concepts of geometric optics, and of interference and diffraction, presented in a concise form to allow room for developments in modern optics and for the description of practical spectrometers and interferometers. Later chapters provide an introduction to lasers, holography, and to the generation and detection of light. There is an emphasis on physical concepts throughout, so that optics can be seen in relation to other disciplines such as electricity and atomic physics, and an increased number of examples with numerical answers and notes.


The wave nature of light; combinations of waves; Fourier Theory and wave groups; wave propagation; the polarization of light; geometric optics; aberrations; optical instruments; interference and diffraction; Fresnel diffraction; the diffraction grating and related topics; Young's double slit and related topics; interference by division of amplitude; resolution limits in optical instruments; interferometers and spectrometers; coherence and correlation; lasers; holography; radiation by accelerated charges; physical processes in refraction; the detection of light.