Handbook of the Psychophysiology of Human Eating (Wiley Psychophysiology Handbooks)

Handbook of the Psychophysiology of Human Eating (Wiley Psychophysiology Handbooks)

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Eating is influenced by biological, sensory, cognitive, developmental, behavioural, interpersonal and social variables. Eating behaviour exhibits powerful examples of self-regulation, individual differences and psychopathology. As with many psychophysiological questions, only an integrative or systems-based approach to the interaction of these variables will solve some of the puzzles of eating behaviour. This volume contains a series of papers by authors who represent a broad spectrum of approaches to eating, from the study of neural processes affecting food intake and the experimental manipulation of taste to socio-cultural influences on food characteristics and nutritional behaviour.


Part 1 Determinants of eating: factors affecting food preferences and choice, Richard Shepherd; sensory assessment of foods and the role of sensory attributes in determining food choice, Richard Shepherd and Cynthia A.Farleigh; the role of variety in eating and body weight regulation, Barbara J.Rolls and Marion Hetherington; neurochemical factors involved in normal and abnormal eating in humans, John E.Blundell et al. Part 2 Cultural influences on food selection: biocultural evolution of cuisine - the Hopi Indian blue corn tradition, Soloman H.Katz; the role of the mass media in influencing eating, Howard G.Schultz and Katherine V.Diaz-Knauf. Part 3 Development of eating behaviour: feeding experiences in early infancy, Peter Wright; developmental aspects of eating, Leann L.Birch; the role of learning in the acquisition of food preferences by humans, Paul Rozin. Part 4 Post-ingestional effects of eating: sugar and hyperactivity - another look, Bonnie Spring and Beverly L.Alexander; cognitive effects of various food constituents, Harris R.Lieberman. Part 5 Eating and health: the psychopathology of eating disorders, George I.Szmukler; psychological aspects of obesity and its treatment, Sara Gilbert; the effects of undernutrition on mental development, Sally M.Grantham-McGregor; implications of eating research for disease prevention, David A.Booth.