The Psychology of Embarrassment

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The Psychology of Embarrassment

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Full Description

This book is about embarrassment, both as an everyday phenomenon and, in its chronic form, a disabling condition, each of which require an explanatory framework. It draws together a wide range of research from clinical, social, personality and developmental psychology in order to present a comprehensive account of the experience of embarrassment. It is structured around a central chapter which presents a model of embarrassment which emphasises the importance of both the social/cognitive and physiological/behavioural components in the perception and attribution of embarrassment to self and others. The first half of the book describes and discusses the part played by the social, physiological and behavioural components in the experience of embarrassment. The second half of the book examines the way in which embarrassment can affect our everyday lives by inhibiting our interactions with others, and discusses cognitive-behavioural strategies by which chronic embarrassment can be alleviated. The book will appeal to both practitioners and academics in a wide range of areas in psychology.


Self-Presentation and Embarrassment; Social Predicaments and Embarrassment; Physiological and Behavioural Concomitants of Embarrassment; Embarrassment: Private Feeling or Social Act?; Developmental and Individual Differences; Social Implications of Embarrassment; Clinical Issues; Therapeutic Intervention.