Nitrogen Cycling in Coastal Marine Environments (Scope)

Nitrogen Cycling in Coastal Marine Environments (Scope)

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Full Description

The role of nitrogen in the eutrophication of coastal waters is reviewed in this book which also considers the processes that involve the cycling of nitrogen in coastal marine environments: primary production, pelagic and sediment mineralization. The interrelationships between these processes are stressed and models of nitrogen-cycling in coastal ecosystems are presented.


Pelagic Nitrogen Cycling: Primary Productivity and Pelagic Nitrogen Cycling; Pelagic Primary Production in Nearshore Waters; Microfauna in Pelagic Food Chains; Benthic Nitrogen Cycling: Benthic Primary Production and Oxygen Profiles; Benthic Nitrogen Fixation; Amino Acids and Amines in Marine Particulate Material and Sediments; Distribution and Metabolism of Quaternary Amines in Marine Sediments; Benthic Mineralization and Bacterial Production; Nitrogen in Benthic Food Chains; Nitrification in Estuarine and Coastal Marine Sediments; Nitrate Reduction and Denitrification in Marine Sediments; Benthic Fauna and Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Sediements: The Role of Burrow Structures; Benthic Fauna and Biogeochemical Processes in Marine Sediments: Microbial Activities and Fluxes; Models of Nitrogen Cycling: Modelling Benthic Nitrogen Cycling in Temperate Coastal Ecosystems; Nitrogen Models at the Community Level: Plant-Animal-Microbe Interactions; Nitrogen Biogeochemistry and Modelling of Carmarthen Bay.