Growth Factors in Biology and Medicine (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Growth Factors in Biology and Medicine (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Full Description

Growth factors in biology and medicine Ciba Foundation Symposium 116 Chairman: Sir Michael Stoker 1985 An important current theme in biomedical research is the regulation of growth and development at the molecular and cellular level. Linked to this is the search for a means of controlling proliferative diseases, especially cancer. In this symposium, key research workers discuss the relationship between growth factors, their specific cell surface receptors, the cellular and viral oncogenes, and mitogenesis. The part that growth factors may play in malignant transformation, atherosclerosis, embryonic development and normal and abnormal haemopoiesis is debated. The main factors considered here are epidermal growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor, the haemopoietic growth factors, and nerve growth factor (a non-mitogenic, neurotrophic factor). The emphasis of the symposium is on the molecular biology of growth factors and their receptors and the analysis of the intracellular events that follow receptor-ligand interaction. Specific topics include the relationship of the EGF receptor to the v-erb-B transforming protein, the role of protein phosphorylation in growth control, receptors for phorbol ester tumour promoters and their putative endogenous ligands, and a newly described regulatory factor which both inhibits and stimulates cell growth. Other Ciba Foundation Symposia published by Pitman: No 113: Retinoids, differentiation and disease Chairman: M.B. Sporn 1985 ISBN 0 272 79813 4 No 114: Fibrosis Chairman: A.J. Bailey 1985 ISBN 0 272 79814 2 No 117: Photoperiodism, melatonin and the pineal Chairman: R.V. Short 1985 ISBN 0 272 79821 5 No 118: Biochemistry of macrophages Chairman: Z.A. Cohn 1985 ISBN 0 272 79822 3

Table of Contents

  Symposium on Growth Factors in Biology and
Medicine, held at the Ciba Foundation,
London, 22–24 January 1985
The topic of this symposium was proposed by
Professor Russell Ross
Editors: David Evered, Jonathan Nugent
(Organizers) and Julie Whelan
Sir Michael Stoker Introduction
J. K. Heath and A. R. Rees Growth factors in
mammalian embryogenesis
Y. Yarden and J. Schlessinger The EGF
receptor kinase: evidence for allosteric
activation and intramolecular
J. S. Huang and S. S. Huang Role of growth
factors in oncogenesis: growth
factor—proto-oncogene pathways of
E. Rozengurt, A. Rodriguez-Peña and J.
Sinnett-Smith Signalling mitogenesis in 3T3
cells: role of Ca2+-sensitive,
phospholipid-dependent protein kinase
M. Callahan, B. H. Cochran and C. D. Stiles
The PDGF-inducible ‘competence
genes’: intracellular mediators of the
mitogenic response
R. Ross, D. F. Bowen-Pope and E. W. Raines
Platelet-derived growth factor: its potential
roles in wound-healing, atherosclerosis,
neoplasia, and growth and development
H. Thoenen, S. Korsching, R. Heumann and A.
Acheson Nerve growth factor
T. M. Dexter, C. M. Heyworth and A. D.
Whetton The role of haemopoietic cell growth
factor (interleukin 3) in the development of
haemopoietic cells
A. W. Burgess Haemopoietic growth factors:
structure and receptor interactions
J. Zapf, E. Schoenle and E. R. Froesch In
vivo effects of the insulin-like growth
factors (IGFs) in the hypophysectomized rat:
comparison with human growth hormone and the
possible role of the specific IGF carrier
T. Hunter, C. B. Alexander and J. A. Cooper
Protein phosphorylation and growth control
P. M. Blumberg, K. L. Leach, B. König,
A. Y. Jeng and N. A. Sharkey Receptors for
the phorbol ester tumour promoters
J. E. De Larco and D. A. Pigott Ectopic
peptides released by a human melanoma cell
line that modulate the transformed phenotype
R. W. Holley, J. H. Baldwin, S. Greenfield
and R. Armour A growth regulatory factor that
can both inhibit and stimulate growth
Final general discussion Receptor modulation
and signalling systems
Biological functions of growth factors
Medical aspects of growth factors
Index of contributors
Subject index