Abortion : Medical Progress and Social Implications (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Abortion : Medical Progress and Social Implications (Ciba Foundation Symposia)

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Full Description

AbortionSymposium 115 Chairman: D.T. Baird 1985 Worldwide, millions of abortions are induced every year. The problem of abortion will not disappear quietly from any society. There is therefore a need for the type of debate recorded in this book between representatives of the law, sociology, psychology, moral theology and policy-making, as well as medicine and basic science. The contributors examine abortion services in different countries; they discuss the medical and social, emotional and psychiatric effects of abortion and the refusal of abortion; and they survey old and new methods of performing abortions, from massage to menstrual induction with a morning-after pill. Above all, they tackle the moral, legal and political aspects. There is plenty of tension but no hostility in these discussions.Malcolm Potts, who initiated the symposium, points out that right-to-life supporters and right-to-choice supporters have the same goal, the minimum amount of wasted life; but there is no solution to abortion other than the obligation to submit our ideas to inspection by other people, and the perpetual need to accept that one may always be wrong'. The book is for health professionals at all levels. It should also be read by everybody who thinks that abortion is important but complicated and who is willing to learn more, even if it means changing their mind'. Other Ciba Foundation Symposia published by Pitman: No. 105: Mechanisms of alcohol damage in utero Chairman: O.E. Pratt 1984 ISBN 0 272 79774 X No. 98: Molecular biology of egg maturation Chairman: J.R. Tata 1983 ISBN 0 272 79730 8 No. 86: The fetus and independent life Chairman: G.S. Dawes 1981 ISBN 0 272 79650 6

Table of Contents

  Symposium on Abortion: medical progress and
social implications, held at the Ciba
Foundation, London, 27–29 November 1984
The original suggestion for this symposium
came from Dr Malcom Potts
Editors: Ruth Porter (Organizer) and Maeve
D. T. Baird Introduction
D. B. Paintin Legal abortion in England and
L. Andolšek Abortion services in Slovenia
D. A. Grimes Provision of abortion services
in the United States
General discussion 1 Abortion law and
abortion services in Japan and other countries
S. Wanjala, N. M. Murugu and J. G. K. Mati
Mortality due to abortion at Kenyatta
National Hospital, 1974–1983
T. N. Singnomklao Abortion in Thailand and
Sweden: health services and short-term
P. Frank Sequelae of induced abortion
D. A. Grimes and K. F. Schulz The comparative
safety of second-trimester abortion methods
S. L. Barron Some aspects of late abortion
for congenital abnormality
General discussion 2 Ethical aspects of
W. H. Kitchen, A. L. Rickards, G. W. Ford, M.
M. Ryan and J. V. Lissenden Live-born infants
of 24 to 28 weeks’ gestation: survival
and sequelae at two years of age
Z. Mat???j???ek, Z. Dytrych and V.
Schüller Follow-up study of children
born to women denied abortion
H. P. David Post-abortion and post-partum
psychiatric hospitalization
J. Mattinson The effects of abortion on a
D. T. Baird and Iain T. Cameron Menstrual
induction: surgery versus prostaglandins
E. E. Baulieu Contragestion by antiprogestin:
a new approach to human fertility control
R. J. Cook Legal abortion: limits and
contributions to human life
A. V. Campbell Viability and the moral status
of the fetus
J. I. Rosoff Politics and abortion
Final general discussion Providing effective
abortion services
Effects on society of changes in abortion laws
M. Potts Medical progress and the social
implications of abortion: summing-up
Biographies of contributors
Index of contributors
Subject index