Metallo Organic Chemistry

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Metallo Organic Chemistry

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Full Description

This book covers the basic chemistry of organo-transition metal complexes and sets this in the context of application of established reactivity patterns to organic synthesis. The latter aspects are illustrated by examples for de novo syntheses of natural product molecules chosen from the recent literature. Two chapters deal with fundamental reactivity and bonding patterns, whilst the remaining seven chapters give a coverage of organometallic chemistry organised according to ligand type. There is sufficient discussion to give an understanding of and familiarity with basic chemical aspects and this allows an appreciation of how to apply the chemistry in synthesis.


Bonding in Transition Metal Organometallic Complexes; Some Common Properties and Reactions of Transition Metal Organometallic Complexes; s-Alkyl Complexes; Carbene and Carbyne Complexes; n2-Alkene and Alkyne Complexes; n3-Allyl Complexes; n4-Diene Complexes; n5-Dienyl Complexes; n6-Arene and n6-Triene Complexes; Index.