F.J.ファボッツィ(共)編/欧州の仕組み金融商品ハンドブック<br>The Handbook of European Structured Financial Products (Frank J Fabozzi Series)

The Handbook of European Structured Financial Products (Frank J Fabozzi Series)

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Introduces many products and the concept of securitisation (ABS, Residential and commercial MBS, Cash and synthetic CDOs, etc.).

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The first comprehensive account of the European structured financial products marketThis comprehensive survey of the securitization market in Europe covers all asset-backed securities (the major classes and some nonconventional asset classes that have been securitized), residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities, collateralized debt obligations, and more.Frank J. Fabozzi, PhD, CFA, CPA (New Hope, PA), is the Frederick Frank Adjunct Professor of Finance in the School of Management at Yale University. Prior to joining the Yale faculty, he was a Visiting Professor of Finance in the Sloan School at MIT. Moorad Choudhry (Surrey, UK) is a Vice President in Structured Finance Services with JPMorgan Chase Bank.


About the Editors. Contributing Authors.PART ONE: Structured Finance and Securitisation.CHAPTER 1: Introduction (Frank J. Fabozzi and Moorad Choudhry).CHAPTER 2: The Concept of Securitisation (Iain Barbour and Katie Hostalier).CHAPTER 3: Mechanics of Securitisation (Alexander Batchvarov, Jenna Collins, and William Davies).CHAPTER 4: Credit Derivatives Primer (Frank J. Fabozzi, Moorad Choudhry, Mark J.P. Anson, and Ren-Raw Chen).CHAPTER 5: True Sale versus Synthetics for MBS Transactions: The Investor Perspective (Iain Barbour, Katie Hostalier, and Jennifer Thym).CHAPTER 6: A Framework for Evaluating a Cash ( True Sale ) versus Synthetic Securitisation (Iain Barbour and Katie Hostalier).CHAPTER 7: Assessing Subordinated Tranches in ABS Capital Structure (Alexander Batchvarov, Jenna Collins, and William Davies).CHAPTER 8: Key Consideration for Master Trust Structures (Alexander Batchvarov, Jenna Collins, and William Davies).CHAPTER 9: Trust and Agency Services in the Debt Capital Markets (Nick Procter and Edmond Leedham).PART TWO: Asset-Backed Securities.CHAPTER 10: European Credit Card ABS (Markus Niemeier).CHAPTER 11: European Auto and Consumer Loan ABS (Markus Niemeier).CHAPTER 12: European Public Sector Securitisations (Christopher Flanagan, Edward Reardon, and Doreen Tan).CHAPTER 13: Italian Lease-Backed Securities (Andrew Dennis).CHAPTER 14: European Mezzanine Loan Securitisations (Alexander Batchvarov, Jenna Collins, and William Davies).CHAPTER 15: Stock Securitisations (Carole Gintz).CHAPTER 16: Rating Trade Receivables Transactions (Jean Dornhofer and Everett Rutan).CHAPTER 17: Moody s Approach to Analysing Consumer Loan Securitisations (Nikoletta Knapcsek and Valentina Varola).CHAPTER 18: Nonperforming Loan Securitisation and Moody s Rating Methodology (Antonio Serpico, Alex Cataldo, and Hernan Quipildor).PART THREE: Whole Business Securitisation.CHAPTER 19: Whole Business Securitisation (Anant Ramgarhia, Miray Muminoglu, and Oleg Pankratov).CHAPTER 20: Principles for Analysing Corporate Securitisations 349Elena Folkerts-Landau, Pascal Bernous, Adele Archer,Anthony Flintoff, and Apea Koranteng).CHAPTER 21: Balancing Cash Flow Predictability and Debt Capacity in Corporate Securitisations (Blaise Ganguin, Apea Koranteng, Michael Wilkins, and Adele Archer).CHAPTER 22: Credit Analysis of Whole Business Securitisations (Benedicte Pfister).CHAPTER 23: Securitisation of UK Pubs (Andrew Dennis).PART FOUR: Mortgage-Backed Securities.CHAPTER 24: European Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (Phil Adams).CHAPTER 25: Italian Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (Andrew Dennis).CHAPTER 26: European Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (Phil Adams).CHAPTER 27: Rating Approach to European CMBS (Benedicte Pfister).CHAPTER 28: Differentiating CMBS from Other Real Estate Securitised Financings (Elena Folkerts-Landau, Clayton Hunt, Ronan Fox, Adele Archer, and Ian Bell).CHAPTER 29: The German Pfandbrief and European Covered Bonds Market (Graham Harry Cross).PART FIVE: Collateralised Debt Obligations.CHAPTER 30: Structured Credit: Cash Flow and Synthetic CDOs (Oldrich Masek and Moorad Choudhry).CHAPTER 31: Single-Tranche Synthetic CDOs (Barnaby Martin, Alexander Batchvarov, and Atish Kakodkar).CHAPTER 32: Rating Methodology for Collateralised Debt Obligations (Henry Charpentier and Hernan Quipildor).CHAPTER 33: CLOs and CBOs for Project Finance Debt: Rating Considerations (Arthur F. Simonson, William H Chew, and Henry Albulescu).CHAPTER 34: Independent Pricing of Synthetic CDOs (Farooq Jaffrey and David Jefferds).PART SIX: Credit-Linked Notes and Repacks.CHAPTER 35: Credit-Linked Notes (Moorad Choudhry and Frank J. Fabozzi).CHAPTER 36: Structured Credit Products and Repackaged Securities (Alessandro Cocco).INDEX.