Better Software Project Management : A Primer for Success


Better Software Project Management : A Primer for Success

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 233 p.
  • 言語 ENG
  • 商品コード 9780471395553
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Full Description

A complete guide to piloting a software project to success-on time and within budget This book provides novice software project managers, software developers, and anyone delivering reusable software with strategies for mastering the basics of directing a software project. Well-known management consultant Marsha Lewin uses a "been there, done that" approach designed to solve on-the-job problems quickly and efficiently. Learn how to get a project in motion immediately in the first chapter's "quick start" tutorial. This comprehensive overview outlines the ins and outs of software project management, including the expectations for a project manager, defining the project, satisfying critical needs, and leading and monitoring your team. These aspects of managing small- to medium-sized project types are detailed in the same lively, colloquial style that demystifies the complexities of the discipline. The author equips you with the tools to concurrently satisfy the triple constraints of schedule, budget, and quality within the context of risk management, and highlights potential pitfalls and their solutions to assure repeated success.To help you get under way and stay ahead, supplemental, ready-to-use forms, formats, and checklists are included, along with information on: ? Use of resources, including people and budget, the quality of software developed, and the costs and risks ? Political and technical issues affecting project success ? Risk management methodology ? Shaping yourself as a leader ? Software development methodologies, from traditional life cycle to prototyping, and how they relate to software project management ? Testing and its role in project management Dozens of real-world examples and diagrams, together with a comprehensive bibliography and glossary, render Better Software Project Management a crucial resource for anyone responsible for keeping software projects within budget and on schedule.

Table of Contents

Preface                                            xi
Who This Book Is For xii
Approaching Software Project Management xii
Useful Features of This Book xiii
How This Book Is Organized xiv
Acknowledgments xv
Getting Moving 1 (30)
Project Management Quick Start 2 (6)
What's a Project Manager to Do? 8 (21)
Materials Review 29 (2)
Mastering the Process 31 (48)
Theory of Constraints: The Dimensions 31 (2)
Satisfying the Quadruple Constraint 33 (8)
Taking Corrective Steps 41 (2)
Adjusting to Project Outcomes 43 (1)
Defining Project Types 44 (3)
Applying Methodologies to the Madness 47 (3)
Getting the Lay of the Land: Kick-off 50 (4)
Compiling the Project Bible 54 (2)
Choosing Projects with the Best Chance of 56 (11)
Negotiating for Success 67 (4)
Handling the Pressure 71 (6)
The Importance of Project Definition 77 (2)
Planning the Project 79 (48)
Getting There from Here 80 (1)
Risky Business 81 (2)
Defining the Project Work Plan in Detail 83 (12)
Setting Standards 95 (2)
Scheduling 97 (12)
Cost Planning 109 (4)
Practicing the Art of Estimating 113 (5)
Choosing a Project Cost System 118 (3)
Building in Contingency 121 (2)
Risk Planning 123 (4)
Lewin on Leadership 127 (16)
Organizing the Project Team 128 (3)
Knowing Who to Organize 131 (4)
Leadership Guidelines 135 (2)
Talent Searching 137 (2)
Organize a Virtual Team 139 (2)
Additional Notes on Talent 141 (1)
Back to the Drawing Board 141 (2)
Monitoring 143 (28)
Getting and Staying in Control 143 (12)
Financially Speaking 155 (7)
Dealing with Creepy Crawly Changes 162 (7)
Communicating and Publicizing 169 (2)
Completing 171 (8)
Knowing You're at the Finish Line 171 (4)
The Joy of Rembering 175 (1)
Life after Completion 176 (1)
In Conclusion 177 (2)
Appendix I 179 (18)
Appendix II 197 (16)
Appendix III 213 (4)
Glossary 217 (10)
Bibliography 227 (2)
Index 229