Piloting Palm : The inside Story of Palm, Handspring, and the Birth of the Billion-Dollar Handheld Industry

Piloting Palm : The inside Story of Palm, Handspring, and the Birth of the Billion-Dollar Handheld Industry

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Full Description

The definitive behind-the-scenes story of the visionary team that launched the handheld industry.Palm insider Andrea Butter and New York Times columnist David Pogue -- with full, exclusive cooperation of the company's founders and more than fifty key Palm and Handspring executives -- tell the riveting tale of the start of an industry constantly in the headlines. The origins of this volatile industry began with the tiny team who beat staggering odds to turn the PalmPilot into a billion-dollar market and later took their ultimate vision to Handspring, now Palm's most powerful rival.Many of today's current events relating to the competition in this industry are forecasted in this important business drama. The authors take an unprecedented look at how the visionary founders of the industry led one of the most successful startups in history to succeed against all odds-including a shoestring budget, shortsighted corporate partners, and competition from Microsoft. The roller-coaster ride is full of insight into the bungles of venture capitalists, the allure and pitfalls of partnerships with giant corporations, and the steely determination needed to maintain entrepreneurial and visionary independence. With gripping accounts of the last-minute crises that almost torpedoed the PalmPilot on the eve of its unveiling, and the triumphant, unprecedented reception of Palm in the marketplace, as well as the glimpses into the future of this industry, this book is as entertaining as it is instructional. Key revelations include:The principles of business, economy, and product design that led Palm to succeed where billion-dollar corporations like Apple, Motorola, and Casio had failed.Important moments in technological development of the handheld such as the secret "Easter egg," a software surprise planted in the Palm software that nearly sank launch plans.Unique insight into the showdown with Microsoft, and 3Com's tragic decision not to make Palm independent that led Palm's founder Jeff Hanwkins and CEO Donna Dubinsky to take their vision elsewhere.The ongoing competition between Palm and Handspring. The new rivals to contend with including Sony.

Table of Contents

Note to the Reader.
Chapter 1: In the Valley of Dreams.
Chapter 2: Palm Computing.
Chapter 3: Donna.
Chapter 4: Zoomer.
Chapter 5: The Writing on the Wall.
Chapter 6: The Zen of Palm.
Chapter 7: Crossing the Desert.
Chapter 8: U.S. Robotics.
Chapter 9: The Shortest Honeymoon.
Chapter 10: Selling the Pilot.
Chapter 11: The Eleventh Hour.
Chapter 12: Inside the Tornado.
Chapter 13: Microsoft 1.0.
Chapter 14: Swallowed Whole.
Chapter 15: Omens.
Chapter 16: Microsoft 2.0.
Chapter 17: The Fight for Independence.
Chapter 18: Once Again, with Money.
Chapter 19: Sea Change.
Chapter 20: Revolving Doors.
Chapter 21: Zero to Sixty.
Chapter 22: IPO.
Chapter 23: Millennium.
Chapter 24: Uncharted Waters.