Extreme Sites - the Greening of Brownfield (Architectural Design)

Extreme Sites - the Greening of Brownfield (Architectural Design)

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Full Description

Tackling a hot green architectural topic -- brownfield sites -- this title asks the essential question: how should urban and post--industrial sites best be rehabilitated to balance ecological and human needs? This issue of AD is devoted to what planners refer to as 'brownfields'. These are often sites made toxic through a recipe of urbanism and industry, from our great water thoroughfares to our landfills. They are often the only sites available to us for planning consideration. The book examines the conflict between the demands of ecology and development when reclaiming such sites for re--development, bringing together multiple viewpoints from different disciplines. * Includes the internationally renowned Andy Goldsworthy, Glenn Murcutt and Renzo Piano * It will recast the topic in a fresh and current light that will interest a wide audience from students to practitioners * Aerial photographs, maps and photo essays will give the visuals a richness and breadth of appeal *'Green' is an architectural buzzword, and is viewed as the new parameter for good practice


Editorial (Helen Castle). Introduction (Deborah Gans and Claire Weisz). Portland Oregon: The New World of Urban Redevelopment (Matthew Jelacic). The 'Brown' and the Contradictory: An Interview with Renzo Piano (Amy Lelyveld). No Here There: Designing No Place (Ted Cavanagh and Alison Evans ). The Rivers View: In the Space of the Thames (Mark Yoes and Claire Weisz). Slum Networking Along the Indore River (Himanshu Parikh). Water Log: Observations on a Former Flood Plain in Northern Syria (Denise Hoffman). The Sky Above and the Ground Below Emscher (Deborah Gans). Strategies for Extreme Conditions: The Emscher Park International Building Exhibition (Peter Zlonicky). Arch Intimacy (Matthew Jelacic). Michael Sorkin Studio: Sudraum Leipzig 1994 (Michael Sorkin). Ayalon Park (Laura Starr). The New Slum Urbanism of Caracas, Invasions and Settlements Colonialism, Democracy, Capitalism and Devil Worship (Carlos Brillembourg). The Refugee Camp: Ecological Disaster of Today, Metropolis of Tomorrow (Deborah Gans and Matthew Jalacic). Browning Maps (Deborah Gans and Denise Hoffman). Tenting on the Terra Nullius: The Work of Glenn Murcutt (Amy Lelyveld). Interior Eye Now Hear This (Craig Kellogg). Building Profile Bedford School Library (Jeremy Melvin). How Green is Your Garden? (C J Lim). Practice Profile Sergison Bates Architects (Lucy Bullivant). After the Festival Before Rock'n'Roll (David Heathcote). Site Lines 'Lacking The Lack': The Museum of the History of the Hellenic World, Athens (Nikos Georgiadis). Book Reviews. Book Club.