Structure and Properties of Silicate Melts (Developments in Geochemistry)

Structure and Properties of Silicate Melts (Developments in Geochemistry)

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Contents: 1. Silica. 2. Metal Oxide-Silica Systems. 3. Aluminosilicate Systems. 4. Iron Oxides. 5. Titanium. 6. Phosphorous. 7. Volatiles. 8. Multicomponent, Complex Systems.

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Characterization of the relationships between structure and properties of materials is based on the fundamental principle that the structure of the material be determined first, followed by assessments of which structural properties may govern their properties as a function of composition, pressure, temperature and other variables. Whereas this methodology has been successfully applied to further our understanding of crystalline materials, studies of silicate melt structure are often conducted on a somewhat different basis. Rather than from direct structural determination, structure models have been developed from assumed relationships between a specific melt property and its structure. As a result, a multitude of models has evolved - many of which are mutually exclusive. The overall scope of this book is to address properties and processes of magmatic systems from the vantage point of melt structure. To this end available data in chemically increasingly complex systems are reviewed and discussed with the ultimate goal being integration of the simple system data into a model that describes complex systems such as natural magmatic liquids.


1. Silica. Introduction. Principal building blocks and concepts. Structure of SiO 2 . Summary. 2. Metal Oxide-Silica Systems. Introduction. Bulk properties. Activity-composition relationships. Structural models. Summary. 3. Aluminosilicate Systems. Introduction. Aluminum charge-balance. Properties of aluminosilicate melts. Structure of aluminosilicate glasses and melts. Summary. 4. Iron Oxides. Introduction. Structure positions of ferric and ferrous iron in silicate melts. Determination Fe 3+ /SFe. Redox equilibria and melt structure. Relationships between simple and complex systems. Redox equilibria of iron and melt polymerization. Phase equilibria in iron-bearing systems. Physical properties of iron-bearing silicate melts. Summary. 5. Titanium. Introduction. Properties of titanium-bearing systems. Structural role of titanium in melts and glasses. Summary. 6. Phosphorous. Introduction. Properties of phosphorous-bearing systems. Structural role of phosphorous in silicate melts and glasses. Summary. 7. Volatiles. Introduction. Water. Hydrogen. Sulfur. Carbon. Fluorine. Summary. 8. Multicomponent, Complex Systems. Introduction. Data base. Structure of magmatic liquids. Petrological implications. Summary. References. System Index. Subject Index.