Biochemical Thermodynamics (Studies in Modern Thermodynamics) (2 SUB)

Biochemical Thermodynamics (Studies in Modern Thermodynamics) (2 SUB)

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Full Description

Since the first edition of Biochemical Thermodynamics in 1979, the application of thermodynamics to the study of biochemical and biological systems has continued to advance and has given rise to an expanding body of literature. These advances have arisen largely for two reasons. Firstly, the development of more sensitive and more versatile calorimetric equipment has extended the range of direct enthalpy measurements to smaller heat effects in a wide variety of systems. Secondly, rapid and significant advances have taken place in the field of molecular biology. Such developments have prompted the design of new and sophisticated experiments and also led to a better understanding of thermodynamic data in molecular terms. As with the first edition, the volume starts with studies on peptides and model systems and passes on to macromolecules and systems of increasing complexity. Apart from the sections dealing with basic thermodynamics most of the chapters are completely new and relate to literature which has appeared since the first edition.


1. Thermodynamics of Peptides and Model Systems (T.H. Lilley). Background thermodynamics. Solvation properties. Solute-solute interactions. 2. Protein Unfolding (W. Pfeil). The states involved in a-Lactalbumin unfolding. Evaluation of the thermodynamic states. Unfolding of proteins which do not represent single cooperative systems. The stability of globular proteins. 3. Conformational Transitions in Nucleic Acids (H.H. Klump). Conformational transitions in helical polynucleotides. Property diagrams of helical polynucleotides. Energetics of helix helix transitions. Microcalorimetry as an analytical tool to characterize DNAs. Molecular forces that stabilize DNA sequences. 4. Analysis of Allosteric Models for Macromolecular Reactions (S.J. Gill et al.). General formulation of binding. Phenomenological description of chemical ligand binding processes. Independent-binding model. The general allosteric model. The MWC and KNF models for chemical binding processes. Applications. 5. The Thermal Behaviour of Lipid and Surfactant Systems (M.N. Jones). Instrumentation. Thermal behaviour of anhydrous lipids. Thermal behaviour of hydrated lipids. Protein - lipid interactions. Protein - surfactant interactions. 6. Thermochemistry of Living Cell Systems (I. Wadso). Instrumentation. Investigations of different cell systems. Plant cells. 7. Conformational Changes in Proteins in Relation to Energy Transduction (A.G. Lowe, A.R. Walmsley). Membrane transport systems. Muscle contraction. Synthesis of ATP in mitochondria. 8. Thermodynamics of Metabolism (R. Crabtree, B.A. Nicholson). Metabolic systems and states. Thermodynamic laws and functions. Thermodynamic functions and metabolic systems. Coupled reactions and factors determining metabolic concentrations. Distribution and fluxes of ions across a membrane. Index.