Forested Wetlands (Ecosystems of the World)

Forested Wetlands (Ecosystems of the World)

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Full Description

Forested wetlands are experiencing an unprecedented level of impact by human exploitation. There is a fundamental need to bring together existing information on ecological processes and composition of vegetation. Perhaps more urgent at this time is the need to chart fruitful research directions that will provide information on the management of this ecologically pivotal resource. This book is timely in contributing to both of these needs. Written for the professional ecologist and ecosystem manager, this unique book explains how forested wetlands function ecologically and how they vary floristically throughout the world. Chapters by the editors provide the framework for a simple functional classification of wetlands (riverine, fringe, and basin) that is gaining popularity among ecologists and resource managers worldwide. Both a world perspective and local flavor is provided by sections written by fifteen seasoned professionals in countries as far reaching as Bangladesh, Poland, and Borneo.


Contents: Introduction (A.E. Lugo). An energy theory of landscape for classifying wetlands (P.C. Kangas). Long term development of forested wetlands (P.C. Kangas). Concepts in wetland ecology (A.E. Lugo, S. Brown, M.M. Brinson). Riverine forests (M.M. Brinson). Fringe wetlands (A.E. Lugo). Structure and dynamics of basin forested wetlands in North America (S. Brown). The Great Dismal Swamp: an illustrated case study (V. Carter). Ecology and management of swamp forests in the Guianas and Caribbean region (P.R. Bacon). Ecology of Pterocarpus officinalis forested welands in Puerto Rico (M. Alvarez-Lopez). Palm swamps (R.L. Myers). Forested wetlands of Mexico (A. Lot, A. Novelo). Oligotrophic forested wetlands in Bornea (E.F. Bruenig). Wooded swamps in New Guinea (K. Paijmans). Environment and ecology of forested wetlands of the Sundarbans of Bangladesh (M. Ismail). Forested wetlands in Australia (R.L. Specht). Forested wetlands in western Europe (J. Wiegers). Forested wetlands of Poland (A.J. Szczepanski). Synthesis and search for paradigms in wetland ecology (A.E. Lugo, S. Brown, M.M. Brinson). Author index. Systematic index. General index.