Animal Production and Environmental Health (World Animal Science, B6)

Animal Production and Environmental Health (World Animal Science, B6)

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Full Description

Animal science has attained a new dimension in recent years, as animal production is constantly influencing and interacting with all other components of the ecosystem, including man. This volume emphasises the effects of animal production on the environment and especially on public health. It helps to identify and eliminate environmental problems caused by modern animal producing enterprises. Technically or economically viable projects are not always feasible if they are ultimately the cause of irreversible damage to the environment and ecosystem. This volume is unique in its broad scope of the subject, indicating the diversity of conceivable influences. It deals with odour, noise, dust and microbial emissions emerging from animal producing enterprises. Technical and hygienic aspects of disposal of fecal wastes and wastewaters as well as the influence of fecal residues on soil, plants, surface and groundwater are dealt with.


1. Odours from Animal Production (O. Noren). 2. Noise from Animal Production (O. Noren). 3. Dust and Microbial Emissions from Animal Production (W. Muller and P. Wieser). 4. Animal Waste Management and Wastewater Treatment (E.P. Taiganides). 5. Hygiene of Animal Waste Management (D. Strauch). 6. Influence of Faecal Wastes on Soil, Plant, Surface Water and Groundwater (C. Tietjen). 7. Residues of Veterinary Drugs, Feed Additives and Environmental Chemicals (H.-J. Hapke and G. Grahwit). 8. Public Health Problems caused by Transmissible Resistance of Microorganisms (H. Willinger). 9. Public Health Aspects of Antibiotic Usage in Animal Husbandry (M. van Schothorst and J.F.M. Nouws). 10. Legal Aspects of Environmental Production (D. Strauch). List of Contributors. Subject Index.