Haines&Taylor産婦人科病理学(第5版)<br>Haines and Taylor Obstetrical Gynaecological Pathology (2-Volume Set) (5TH)

Haines and Taylor Obstetrical Gynaecological Pathology (2-Volume Set) (5TH)

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Table of Contents

Preface                                            vii
Preface to the fourth edition ix
Preface to the third edition xi
List of contributors xiii
Embryology and anatomy of the female 1 (40)
genital tract
J M McLean
Congenital malformation of the female 41 (12)
genital tract
H Fox
Non-neoplastic pathology of the vulva and 53 (42)
related structures
S Neill
M Ridley
Neoplastic disease of the vulva and 95 (52)
associated structures
H Fox
C H Buckley
Pathology of the vagina 147 (100)
W A Schmidt
Anatomy of the cervix and physiological 247 (26)
changes in cervical epithelium
A Singer
C Chow
Non-neoplastic conditions of the cervix 273 (24)
P Craig
D Lowe
Premalignant and malignant squamous lesions 297 (42)
of the cervix
C S Herrington
M Wells
Malignant and premalignant glandular 339 (30)
lesions of the cervix
L J R Brown
M Wells
Miscellaneous primary tumours and 369 (22)
metastatic tumours of the uterine cervix
P B Clement
Normal endometrium and non-proliferative 391 (52)
conditions of the endometrium
C H Buckley
Endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma 443 (54)
R J Zaino
Non-neoplastic conditions of the myometrium 497 (52)
and pure mesenchymal tumours of the uterus
T P Rollason
N Wilkinson
Mixed tumours of the uterus 549 (36)
A G Ostor
T P Rollason
Pathology of the Fallopian tube and broad 585 (50)
L H Honore
Embryology and anatomy of the ovaries 635 (28)
J M McLean
Non-neoplastic disorders of the ovary 663 (30)
R H Young
R E Scully
Ovarian tumours: classification, 693 (20)
histogenesis and aetiology
H Fox
M Wells
Surface epithelial-stromal tumours of the 713 (32)
H Fox
M Wells
Sex cord-stromal tumours of the ovary 745 (26)
L M Roth
Germ cell tumours of the ovary 771 (50)
F F Nogales
Mixed germ cell sex cord-stromal tumours of 821 (24)
the ovary
A Talerman
Steroid cell tumours of the ovary 845 (12)
R H Young
R E Scully
Mesenchymal tumours of the ovary 857 (22)
J Prat
H Fox
Metastatic tumours of the ovary 879 (18)
H Fox
Ovarian tumours of uncertain origin 897 (16)
A J Tiltman
Pathology of the peritoneum and secondary 913 (22)
Mullerian system
D A Bell
Lymphoproliferative disease of the female 935 (28)
genital tract
E Benjamin
P Isaacson
Endometriosis 963 (26)
B Czernobilsky
H Fox
Pathology of infertility 989 (56)
L H Honore
Ectopic pregnancy 1045(26)
H Fox
Pathology of contraception and hormonal 1071(62)
C H Buckley
S M Ismail
Tropical pathology of the female genital 1133(24)
tract and ovaries
S B Lucas
Pathology of the female genital tract and 1157(24)
ovaries in childhood and adolescence
A M Kelsey
M J Newbould
Interrelationships of non-gynaecological 1181(52)
and gynaecological disease
C H Buckley
Pathology of abnormal sexual development 1209(24)
S J Robboy
R C Bentley
P Russell
M C Anderson
Development and anatomy of the placenta 1233(40)
B Huppertz
M Castellucci
P Kaufmann
General pathology of the placenta, 1273(54)
umbilical cord and fetal membranes
H Fox
Pathology of the pregnant uterus 1327(32)
J Hustin
M Wells
Gestational trophoblastic diseases 1359(72)
F J Paradinas
C W Elston
Pathology of miscarriage 1431(18)
H Fox
L Regan
Non-trophoblastic tumours of the placenta 1449(16)
H Fox
Pathology of the liver and gallbladder in 1465(30)
S G Hubscher
Pathology of the kidney in pregnancy 1495(28)
D R Turner
Pathology of the nervous system in pregnancy 1523(18)
H Reid
Pathology of the cardiovascular system in 1541(18)
E G J Olsen
H Fox
Pathology of maternal death 1559(16)
H Fox
The pathology of multiple pregnancy 1575(20)
H Fox
The application of new techniques to 1595(32)
gynaecological pathology
A Cheung
H Fox
M Wells
Index 1627