Handbook of Electronics Packaging Design and Engineering (2 SUB)

Handbook of Electronics Packaging Design and Engineering (2 SUB)

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Full Description

The Handbook of Electronics Packaging Design and Engineering has been writ- ten as a reference source for use in the packaging design of electronics equip- ment. It is designed to provide a single convenient source for the solution of re- curring design problems. The primary consideration of any design is that the end product meet or exceed the applicable product specifications. The judicious use of uniform design practices will realize the following economies and equipment improvements: * Economics of design. Uniform design practices will result in less engineering and design times and lower costs. They will also reduce the number of changes that may be required due to poor reliability, maintainability, or producibility. * Improved design. Better designs with increased reliability, maintainability, and producibility will result from the use of uniform design practices. * Production economies. Uniform designs employing standard available tools, materials, and parts will result in the cost control of manufacturing.The Handbook is intended primarily for the serious student of electronics packaging and for those engineers and designers actively engaged in this vital and interesting profession. It attempts to present electronics packaging as it is today. It can be used as a training text for instructional purposes and as a reference source for the practicing designer and engineer.


1 Electronics Packaging Design and Engineering.- 2 Project Planning.- 3 Human Factors Engineering.- 4 Fabrication Processes.- 5 Mechanical Fasteners.- 6 Heat Transfer and Thermal Control.- 7 Shock and Vibration Design.- 8 Subassemblies and Assemblies.- 9 Design Considerations for Space Electronics.- 10 Material Plating and Finishes.- 11 Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Shielding.- 12 Design and Development of Miniature Electronics Systems.- 13 Wire and Cabling.- 14 Materials and Processes.- 15 Safety.- 16 Printed Circuits.- 17 Electrical Interconnection Systems.- 18 Forced Air Cooling Systems.- 19 Preferred Materials for Electronic Packaging.- 20 Selection of Plastics for Various Environments.- 21 Mechanics of Simple Stresses.- 22 Formulas and Conversions.- 23 Design Reviews-An Instrument for Decision Making.- 24 Slide Mount Considerations for Electronic Assemblies.- 25 Reference Designations for Electrical and Electronic Parts and Equipment.- 26 Metal Alloy and Temper Designation Systems.- Appendix A.- Appendix B.