Facilities Management Handbook


Facilities Management Handbook

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版
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Full Description

Facilities Management Handbook was written from practical experience to con- solidate, under one cover, all the necessary information at an adequate depth to guide you effectively through the intricacies of a project that may begin with site search, progress through leasing, new building construction or remodeling, and on to oc- cupancy. This is not a theoretical exposition, but instead is a practical approach based on 30 years experience with every aspect of the material covered. These methods and concepts have been successfully used in actual situations. The book's purpose is to bring together, in one handy volume, information usually found in separate, specialized, technical publications, in an easy-to-read style readily comprehensible and usable by both technical and nontechnical people. It was written to serve anyone responsible for building design and construction, facilities manage- ment and operations, and real estate leasing; particularly building owners and managers, industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities department personnel, plant engineering, and real estate departments. It could also be valuable to students and others planning careers in these fields. The book provides necessary information to assist sales personnel handling products and services serving the need of the above.


1. Site Search and Selection.- Reasons for Site Search.- Use of Site.- Physical Facility Requirements.- Physical Site Requirements.- Regional Considerations.- Zeroing in on a Specific Site.- Summary.- 2. Leasing Considerations.- Types of Leases.- Organization Chart.- Space and Furniture Standards.- Determining Space Requirements.- Real Estate Leasing Procedure.- Preliminary Investigation Report and Summary.- Typical Commercial Lease.- Summary.- 3. Comparing Rental Costs.- Common Terms.- Gross Area.- Usable Area.- Rentable Area.- Building Efficiency.- Fixed Cost.- Variable Costs.- Comparing Rental Costs.- Summary.- 4. Consulting and Contracting Services.- Consulting Services.- Real Estate Consulting.- Architectural Services.- Engineering Services.- Contracting Services.- Design/Build Contracting.- Construction Management with Multiple Separate-trade Contracting.- Single Prime (General) Contracting.- Multiple Separate-trade Contracting.- Summary.- 5. Selecting Design Consultants.- Design Consultant Services.- Basic Services.- Predesign Phase.- Schematic Design Phase.- Preliminary Design Phase.- Construction Contract Documentation Phase.- Bidding or Negotiating Phase.- Construction Administration Phase.- Additional Services.- Selecting Design Consultants.- Fee Schedules.- Summary.- 6. Cost Estimating Techniques.- Types of Estimating.- Conceptual Cost Estimate.- Preliminary Cost Estimate.- Final Cost Estimate.- Developing Estimating Skills.- Summary.- 7. Remodeling Existing Buildings.- Reasons for Remodeling.- Planning Remodeling.- Remodeling Procedure.- Project Scope.- Responsibility for Planning and Design.- Budget Control.- Project Schedule.- Select Consultant.- Evaluate Results.- Space Utilization.- Estimating Remodeling Costs.- Summary.- 8. Construction Administration.- Bidding Period.- Construction Contract Documentation Phase.- Changes in the Work.- Unit Price Work.- Nonunit Price Work.- Construction Progress Schedule.- Shop Drawing Submission Schedule.- Schedule of Values.- Manpower Loading.- Cash Flow.- Construction Administration.- Drawings and Specifications (Project Manual).- Product Specifications.- Changes During Construction.- Record Keeping.- Shop Drawings.- Operating and Maintenance Manuals.- Summary.- 9. Mechanical Systems and Equipment.- Refrigeration Cycle.- Refrigeration System.- Cooling Towers.- Air Handling Units.- Selection and Application of Fans.- Propeller Fans.- Tubeaxial Fans.- Vaneaxial Fans.- Air Distribution System.- Terminal Devices.- Diffusers, Grilles, and Registers.- Sheet Metal Duct.- Constant-Velocity.- Velocity-Reduction.- Equal-Friction.- Static-Regain.- Testing and Balancing.- Valves.- Pumps and Piping.- Selection and Application of Centrifugal Pumps.- Piping Systems.- Summary.- 10. Electrical Systems and Equipment.- Power Distribution.- Transformers.- Motors.- Short Circuit Calculations.- Circuit Breakers and Fuses.- Circuit Breakers.- Fuses.- Power Factor Correction.- Major Source of Low Power Factor.- Effects of Low Power Factor.- Power Factor Clauses.- Advantages of Power Factor Correction.- Capacitor Application.- Capacitor Installation.- Capacitor Installation Considerations.- Summary.- 11. Move and Occupancy.- Planning and Preparation.- Furniture Standards.- Space Standards.- Space Utilization.- Furniture Layout.- Receptacle and Telephone Outlets.- Special Electronic Terminals.- Finish Schedule.- Graphics.- Construction Completion Schedule.- Move Contract.- Occupancy Schedule (By Floor and/or Area).- Certificate of Occupancy.- Physical Move.- Economic Consideration.- Scheduling Facilities.- Supervision.- Packing.- Marking.- Move.- Post move.- Summary.