Optoelectronic Technology and Lightwave Communications Systems

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Optoelectronic Technology and Lightwave Communications Systems

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Ever since the invention of the transistor, semiconductor-based microelec- tronics has made a revolutionary impact on the information society, as evi- dent from the widespread application of microprocessor-based technology in our modern society. The next wave of modern information technology, after transistors and microelectronics, is that oflasers and micro-optoelectronics. Optoelectronics, or optical electronics, based on lasers and related modern optical technology, has also become a very important field of science and technology in the past 20 years. Electronics or microelectronics deals with (micro)electronic devices and components for generation, transmission, and processing of electronic sig- nals. In contrast, in optoelectronics we deal with optoelectronic devices and components for the generation, transmission, and processing of lightwave signals. It is the interaction of lightwaves (photons) with matter that shows the uniqueness of optoelectronic technology; optical absorption and scat- tering, optical gain and amplification, material and waveguide dispersion, nonlinear optical effects, etc., are very much dependent on the material's intrinsic properties and the lightwave propagation effects.


1 Optical Fiber Waveguides.- 1. Transmission Properties of Optical Fibers.- 2. Measurement and Characterization of Optical Fibers.- 3. Advanced Single-Mode Fiber Designs for Lightwave Systems Applications.- 4. Polarization-Maintaining Optical Fibers.- 5. Transmission Limitations in Fibers due to Nonlinear Optical Effects.- 2 Fiber-Joining Technology and Passive Optical Components.- 6. Optical Fiber Connectors, Splices, and Jointing Technology.- 7. Passive Components for Optical Coupling and WDM Applications.- 3 Semiconductor Laser Sources and Photodetectors.- 8. Basic Physics of Semiconductor Lasers.- 9. Fabrication and Characterization of Semiconductor Lasers.- 10. Transverse Mode Control in Semiconductor Lasers.- 11. Longitudinal Mode Control in Laser Diodes.- 12. Modulation Properties of Semiconductor Lasers.- 13. High-Power Semiconductor Lasers.- 14. Photodetectors for Long-Wavelength Lightwave Systems.- 4 Optical Transmitters and Receivers.- 15. Semiconductor Laser Transmitters.- 16. Optical Receivers.- 5 Applications of Optoelectronics in Lightwave Systems.- 17. Optical Communications: Single-Mode Optical Fiber Transmission Systems.- 18. Optical Fiber Communication Systems: Local Area Networks.- 19. Future Applications of Optical Fiber Networks.- 20. Free-Space Optical Communication Systems.- 21. Optical Fiber Sensor Technology.- 22. Optoelectronic Information Processing: Laser Bar Code and Laser Printer Systems.- 6 Future Optoelectronic Technology and Transmission Systems.- 23. Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits.- 24. Coherent Optical Fiber Communication Systems-The Promise for the Future.- 7 Impacts on the Information Society.- 25. The Impact of Optoelectronics Technology on the Information Society.