Exploration-Geochemical Data Analysis with the IBM PC : With Programs on Diskettes (Computer Methods in the Geosciences)

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Exploration-Geochemical Data Analysis with the IBM PC : With Programs on Diskettes (Computer Methods in the Geosciences)

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Full Description

Here is another contribution in the continuing series on Computer Methods in the Geosciences. As its title suggests, this volume will be of interest to explorational geochemists who want to analyze their own data on a personal computer (PC). To make it easy for the user, the programs and two trial data sets are provided on the accompanying diskettes. And, by supplying the diskettes, another first is accom- plished for the series: instant involvement and interaction for the user. Although other books in the series have provided listings of computer pro- grams, Exploration-Geochemical Data Analysis with the IBM PC is the first to supply diskettes. The diskettes, along with the instructions outlined in the text, eliminate the bother (and errors) of pu tting the programs in man ually. The suite of programs- for handling and sorting data files; computing and displaying summary statistics; and working with logarithms, geochemical thresholds, and regression - will give geochemists a good repertoire for geochemical exploration data analysis. The diskettes are easy to use and have been tested thoroughly.


1 Introduction.- Exploration-Geochemical Data Analysis Defined.- Strategies.- Sample Data Files.- What All the Programs in This Book Have in Common.- How to Start.- Technical Notes.- References.- 2 Writing and Editing Data Files.- 2.1 Overview.- 2.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 2.3 Extended Tutorial A: Entering Data from a Formatted Data File.- 2.4 Extended Tutorial B: Entering Data from an Unformatted Data File.- 2.5 Extended Tutorial C: Entering Data for a File Without Station Names or Numbers.- 2.6 More Details on Preexisting Files.- 2.7 Correcting Stations in a Data File.- 2.8 Adding or Deleting Stations in a Data File.- Reference.- 3 Listing Data Files.- 3.1 Overview.- 3.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 3.3 Extended Tutorial A: Listing Data File XBUTTE-3.- 3.4 Extended Tutorial B: Listing Data Files BUTTE-2 and NORWAY-2.- 3.5 Specifying the Output Format.- 4 Summary Statistics.- 4.1 Overview.- 4.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 4.3 Extended Tutorial.- Reference.- 5 Making Histograms.- 5.1 Overview.- 5.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 5.3 Extended Tutorial.- 5.4 Comments.- 6 Working with Logarithms.- 6.1 Overview.- 6.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 6.3 Extended Tutorial.- References.- 7 Sorted Lists.- 7.1 Overview.- 7.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 7.3 Extended Tutorial.- 8 Estimating Geochemical Thresholds.- 8.1 Overview.- 8.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 8.3 Extended Tutorial.- References.- 9 Comparing Paired Observations.- 9.1 Overview.- 9.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 9.3 Extended Tutorial.- Reference.- 10 Plotting Data.- 10.1 Overview.- 10.2 Beginning Tutorial.- 10.3 Extended Tutorial A: Scaled Plots.- 10.4 Extended Tutorial B: Three-Dimensional Plots.- Appendix A: Error Messages.- Appendix B: ASCII Characters.