Rotten Rulers

Rotten Rulers

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Full Description

"Rotten Rulers" gives you the lowdown on the world's most loathsome leaders. From bizarre tsars and evil emperors to crazy kings an queens, people all around the world have suffered at the hands of their rulers for centuries. Whether they're nutty or nasty, fa or foul, those in charge rarely get it right. Want to know: Who gave the job of high priest to a donkey? Who choked to death while eating a crow? Who celebrated victory by eating his enemy's head? Read on for the power-crazed president who still rules from the grave and find out about the suffering slave who was ordered to collect 500 kilos of spider webs for his boss. Meet Genghis the Mongolian murderer and discover just how terrible Ivan really was. History has never been so horrible.

Table of Contents

Introduction                                       5  (3)
Potty for power 8 (18)
Rotten rules 26 (9)
Loathsome leader: Emperor Elagabalus 35 (5)
Happy families 40 (14)
Food fit for a king 54 (11)
Loathsome leader: Ivan the Terrible 65 (5)
Top of the tots 70 (14)
Potty presidents 84 (6)
Loathsome leader: Ludwig II 90 (10)
Be cruel to rule 100(8)
Holy horrors 108(12)
Terribly true or fantastically false? 120(4)
Loathsome leader: Murad IV 124(5)
Try to lie 129(9)
Quaint quiz 138(7)
Loathsome leader: Genghis Khan 145(5)
Horrible h'ends 150(22)
Epilogue 172