The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana

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The Mysterious Flame Of Queen Loana

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  • 製本 Hardcover:ハードカバー版/ページ数 464 p.
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'This is not so much a novel as a digressive reconstruction of the author's early reading life.' Reviewed in The New York Times Book Review June 12, 2005.

Full Description

Yambo, a sixty-ish rare book dealer who lives in Milan has suffered a loss of memory; not the kind of memory neurologists call 'semantic' (Yambo remembers all about Julius Caesar and can recite every poem he has ever read), but rather his 'autobiographical' memory: he no longer knows his own name, doesn't tecognize his wife or his daughters, doesn't remember anything about his parents or his childhood. His wife, who is at his side as he slowly begins to recover, convinces him to return to his family home in the hills somewhere between Milan and Turin. Yambo promptly retreats to the sprawling attic, cluttered with boxes of newspapers, comics, records, photo albums and adolescent diaries. There, he relives the story of his generation: Mussolini, Catholic education and guilt, Josephine Baker, Flash Gordon, Cyrano de Bergerac. As he recovers his memory, two voids remain shrouded in fog: a terrible event he experienced during the resistance, and the vague image of a girl whom he loved at sixteen, then lost. But a relapse occurs. Now in a coma, his memories run wild, and life racing before his eyes takes the form of a graphic novel.Yambo struggles through the frames to find at last the face of the girl he loves: she descends the stairs of their high school and morphs into a Dante-esque promise (or threat) of the afterlife, as he struggles harder to capture her simple, innocent, real-life image - the schoolgirl he never forgot. Copiously illustrated throughout with images from comics, book jackets, record sleeves and other printed ephemera, The Mysterious Flame is a fascinating and hugely entertaining new novel from the incomparable Umberto Eco.

Table of Contents

1. The Cruellest Month 3 (25)
2. The Murmur of Mulberry Leaves 28 (17)
3. Someone May Pluck Your Flower 45 (19)
4. Alone through City Streets I Go 64 (17)
5. Clarabelle's Treasure 81 (9)
6. Il Nuovissimo Melzi 90 (27)
7. Eight Days in an Attic 117(42)
8. When the Radio 159(19)
9. But Pippo Doesn't Know 178(34)
10. The Alchemist's Tower 212(15)
11. Up There at Capocabana 227(30)
12. Blue Skies Are on the Way 257(15)
13. The Pallid Little Maiden 272(23)
14. The Hotel of the Three Roses 295(6)
PART THREE: OmicronIota
15. You're Back at Last, Friend Mist! 301(24)
16. The Wind Is Whistling 325(54)
17. The Provident Young Man 379(27)
18. Lovely Thou Art as the Sun 406(45)